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Carla Bruni sends Fire Truck to Save Cheysuli

Associated Press
Paris France

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carla Bruni has just sent a legion of French fire trucks to rescue former US presidential candidate, professional napper Cheysuli from the top of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. No one is quite sure how she got on top of the monument or why. There is some speculation she is proving that she can do anything and would be the best choice for the next Supreme Court justice appointment by the Obama administration.

Cheysuli and her entourage are in Paris to celebrate Zevomas. She regrets that she cannot be home with her pet human for her birthday- the same day as celebrity cat Zevo hussein Calamari.
Chey was overheard saying: "I must maintain my public image and celebrity status. There is another Supreme Court opening soon. One never knows if this could be it for me!"


Boo said...

Oh Chey - You look so incredible up there! They should add a sculpture of you at the top of the Arc. Does everyone agree???

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Oh a sculpture of me... that would DIVINE!