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Dieciocho De Mayo

My pet human FINALLY left to run errands. I thought i would never get to use her iMac. She is very possessive of it. Always yelling at me to get off the key board. How else does she think i type? I am a poos not Uri Geller.

I am still waiting for Boo to give me a picture i can post. I think she is stalling since we put on a few pounds the weekend of Cinco De Mayo. WE tried to dance off all the margaritas but i think the nachos did us in.

Boo owes me some money too from that night. Well... i think we both owe lots of money to a few humans we borrowed from that night. Ok maybe we didn't really ask to borrow the money. When they weren't looking we just helped ourselves. I am sure that is why those nice women left their purses open. Boo scored some nice earrings too. I hope she lets me borrow them. They would look better with my blue eyes. The watch i found is too big, maybe i can trade with her.

uh-oh.............I hear the door.....gotta run.