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From Boo in San Diego.....

Just thought i would wear these earrings i scored um...found at the Mardi Gras Ball last Tuesday night. I think i scored um cough um found a bracelet that matches too... hmmm now where did i hide that? We had such a lovely time. Tho... i really can't remember much. Champagne.... jello shots....... Singing with Harry Connick Jr..... dancing... dancing on table tops............

OH! and dancing with George Clooney ...which always makes me light headed. It is a shame he had to rent his Italian villa out to those nasty Brits, Beckman and his stink insect Spice wife. I could use a nice Italian holiday.
Oh well... la de da.. i am sure i will have a chance to bite her eventually.

Meanwhile i think i will go meet Miss Lucy Fur and Zevo at MO's for a margarita. Nubi is in Salem... he has to babysit this weekend. (ha ha ha!)

ciao for now
Miss Boo


Mardi Gras a Success

Associated Press
New Orleans

The infamous Pooses for Peace had several floats in this year's Mardi Gras parade. Cats wearing tiaras were seen throwing pink and purple beads to the crowds. On another float, Mike Huckabees exdog, Dude the Bird Dog danced with a drag queen dressed as Liza Minelli. Hundreds of Bite & Run Patrol members marched and danced beside each float wearing their trademark black leather jackets.

The celebrity cats held a Mardi Gras Ball with their dear friend Harry Connick Jr, Brandon Marsalis and Spike Lee. Other celebrities attended. President Obama sent his regards to the cats and wished them a good time.

Unlike last year, the cats were not on orange alert for a Washington DC Bite & Run. ( Mardi Gras of 2008, the cats left the festivities early so that they could monitor the FISA hearings in the Senate. Bite Patrol Brigades were on stand by and several Senators were bit the following day.)

This morning hundreds of hung-over pooses were found sleeping on the streets, on top of floats, cars and hotel awnings. Mayor Ray Nagin praised the cats for helping to bring revenue into the city the past week. His office released a statement this morning: " I would like to thank the Pooses for Peace and all their friends for making this year's Mardi Gras a success. As always, these cats are a delight to be around. I do not agree with comments made by Mayor Driscoll of Salem MA in the past about these dear cats. Perhaps the mayor of Salem could leave her black suit home, and visit Mardi Gras next year and take notes!"

Zevo Calamari spokes-poose for the cats issued a statement this morning as well. " Thank you all for making this event a success..... um ... anyone have some ginger ale and asprin? Could you turn the lights down please? OH my head....... oh no ... i need a garbage can......."


Pooses for Peace Boycott Oscars

Associated Press
Hollywood CA

In a shocking turn of events, the celebrity cats known as the Pooses for Peace have shunned making an appearance at the Oscars on Sunday night and have chosen to ride in the Bacchus Mardi Gras parade instead.

Unconfirmed sources report that the cats are disgusted with stick insect celebrities who wear fur and clueless on how the rest of the planet is doing these days. Others claim the cats are annoyed that they were not invited to present at the Oscars this year after last year's Bite and Run incident. Several celebrities have filed restraining orders against them.

Zevo Calamari, spokes-poose for the cats issued a statement today: " I think the time has come for us all to enjoy a cheap bottle of wine and relax. um....Winona who? Paris.... Lindsey who? ... um...oh...Life is precious so let's all join hands and sing Give Peace a Change....and um...Oh.. these birkenstocks make me look fat? Do you think they go with the Versace dress? Purple beads or green? Pass me some of that Mondavi........"


Mardi Gras!

Associated Press
New Orleans

Hordes of cats from all over the country are pouring into New Orleans this week in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Pooses for Peace Float and their marching Bite & Run bands in the Bacchus Parade this Sunday.

Extra security has been brought in from around the state. The celebrity cats have a cult following and have been blamed for several Bite & Run attacks on republican officials and celebrity stick insects in the past. Authorities have warned tourists not to wear expensive jewelry or bring valuables to the events.

The Pooses for Peace will hold a Mardi Gras Party on Tuesday 2/24/09 along with Harry Connick Jr and other musicians. Details of the party will be announced shortly.

Miss Zevo Calamari spokes-poose for the cats issued a statement today. " We are so excited about riding in this years parade. Do you think these beads make me look fat? Oh and i encourage everyone to wear their very best jewelry.. after all you want to look good for the party. Could you pass me a hit off that flask ... thanks... "


Meet Monkey our newest member....

We will interrupt our baby-sitting of Bleu Nuit today to bring you this important Pooses for Peace announcement. We would like to welcome Monkey... a talented male with thumbs! We are not sure if there is something in his mouth in this picture....perhaps his pet human will give us more details soon.
Monkey will be attending the Bite & Run intensive training course and will be a certified member of the Bite & Run brigade in a few weeks. (Though if those California Republicans don't balance that budget soon he may be called into service sooner!)

In other news... we are not sure but we think the pet humans are trying to trick us with this baby-sitting gig. If we are only baby-sitting Bleu Nuit... then why did they change her name from Nuit to Bleu Nuit? HUH?
And why did they give her a special blanket? And why is she getting all the attention? We made need the Bite & Run services here soon.

ciao for now
still planning for Mardi Gras...

ps i am NOT a poosehead and i am very tired of hearing "Nubi stop being a poosehead!"


excuses.. excuses...

So sorry we have not been around. The pet human slave has so many excuses why she has not posted for us. Her arm hurts, her wrists hurt, cooties and.....

oh..... now we are baby-sitting this poose with BIG paws. Her name was Nuit.. but the humans changed it to Bleu Nuit. She is only one years old. And sooo tiny. She mostly hides all day.

None of us are sleeping. Our house is a mess.

Hope that is enough excuses for now!

In the words of Miles Meezer
crap crap crapidy crap

We are hoping the pet human's arms heal soon so she will focus on important things like our blog.

ciao for now



We will be taking some time off to recover from all the events of the past few weeks. Miss Boo is still resting. Her pet human is also recovering from cooties.Our pet human still looks like a walking mummy and smells like stinky chinese herbs. Time for a long nap!

Please do not worry... we will be back!

the pooses for peace


Isn't this butterfly pin just lovely? George sent it to me as a get well gift. I am not allowed to go out.. i went to the v-e-t yesterday and i have pneumonia.... i must have picked it up partying at the superbowl... or was it the inauguration?

Anyway i need to rest and heal. Could someone bring me a nice bowl of organic chicken soup please........ oh and some movies would be nice. I think i will start with That Darn Cat.....

cough cough


and now a word from Tao & Sarge's pet humans....

But first a word from the Pooses for Peace... we usually do post these sort of things so you know that when we do it is for a very good cause!

Thanks for helping.

We have joined Team in Training to cycle a 100-mile (century) bike ride in Lake Tahoe on June 7. In return for fundraising for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Team in Training will train us over the next few months to complete "America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride". Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help with research and treatment of blood cancers.

Though biking 100 miles in one day is daunting, we are looking forward to taking on the challenge together, getting into shape, and doing it all for such a worthy cause. Our sore muscles and struggles up those hills during training will be insignificant compared to the daily efforts of those living with blood cancers. With each other's help and the support of all our friends and family, we'll make it to the finish line!

Your donations will help fund The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a non-profit health organization whose mission is to cure leukemia and related diseases (lymphoma, Hodgkin's Disease, and myeloma) and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. With generous gifts like yours helping to fund research, 90% of all those diagnosed with leukemia are cured. But still, every 10 minutes we lose a friend, family member, or colleague to blood cancers. The cure is close, and with your help, we can bring it another day closer until we've beaten these diseases.

Thank you for anything you can do to help our efforts and the mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Pamela & Doug
Tao & Sarge of the Bite & Run Patrol
Poopalus & Poopalina Poop & Run Patrol

Here are several options for donating and getting involved:
Monetary Donations
No donation is too small (or too large!). 75% of money donated goes directly to fund research and patient care. Donations are tax deductible. Many companies offer matching donations, so please check with your HR department to see if you can double your donation.

You can donate online clicking here

In order for us to meet our fundraising schedule, we ask for donations to be submitted by March 15.


Meet the Newest Member of the Bite & Run.....
the Brave Mr Staten Island Chuck!

It was brave of you to bite the Mayor of NY! Biting mayors is one of our favorite passtimes!
The Pooses for Peace


We're Going to do do do do do do.........

Watch the Pooses for Peace and Bruce Springsteen on Youtube at the Super Bowl. It is unfortunate that the cameras were not able to film any pooses. I think it is becos we were way to short to notice!

OH... and we will be leaving for Disneyland after tonight's party. Bring your mouse-ears.!

Happy Birthday Lucy Fur. Too bad youtibe did not capture that birthday song!

Part one of the Half time show

Part two of Half time show

we apologize for no pics, etc.. the pet human fractured her arm this week in the Salem Ferry Parking lot during the "don't ever think of parking on the street snow ban". The Mayor of Salem will be bit soon because of this when we return.....