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There's no place like home..............

I'm home! Oh Aunty Em... there's no place like home!

I am feeling a bit woozy. I hope i do not have to go back to the v-e-t's... tho they were very nice to me....except when they were poking and prodding me. They shaved me too... only parts........ My pet human thinks i look like some dude named MR T and the male pet human keeps screaming "I pity the fool" every time i walk by. (I got more respect at the vets.)

Now i have to tolerate the nasty medicine the humans will force down me... and i heard rumors of Chinese herbs and acupuncture are in my future.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

My pet human keeps telling me i will have to get a job or she will have to sell one of her kidneys to pay the vet bill. (She is lucky that this vet knows her and is allowing her to pay it in chunks!)

Zevo has been a real bitch um challenge to be around. She acts like i am some new poose invading her home. She is very unhappy that i have returned. I have only lived here almost 2 years. The pet humans adopted me when her sister the Baby Pig passed away hoping i would keep Zevo company. She has been mad ever since. I hope she remembers to like me again. If i had some extra cash i would buy her a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes....or i would pay the vet bill.

Well.. i am tired again. Very tired. I see a pink lady in a bubble telling me to click my paws and repeat... "There's no place like home.........There's no place like home................There's no place
thanks to all for your purrs and prayers

nubi wan kenobi


Nubi News

Hi Everyone,

We would like to thank everyone for purring get well wishes for Nubi. He is still in the hospital and may come home soon. He is doing well...though he probably is not very happy staying at the vet's wearing one of those funny collars and a catheter. He was diagnosed with crystals and stones in his urine. We think it happened when the pet human switched from Solid Gold katz-n-flockens to another so called holistic brand....hmmmmmmmm

Guess we will go back to Solid Gold even though it made our box extra stinky. (That was Nubi... while he has been gone the box smells of roses and pink sparkles are floating out of it. ..really!)

Anyway... i am reading up on brands of cat food that are good for those pooses prone to stones and crystals. (Sounds so New Age huh?) If any of you have an suggestions please let us know. Our pet human is very picky about what she feeds us. We are not allowed any normal brands that you find in the grocery store such as Purina, Iams, Eukenuba, etc.
She said they are junk. She prefers to feed us organic food with No wheat, corn, soy or fillers. She can be so annoying that way.

Nubi will have to take some stinky Chinese herbs too for this condition. I bet the pet human will try to give him acupuncture... oh that should be sosoooooooo much fun to watch!

It has been nice and quiet for me while Nubi has been gone. I can hog the pillows. I get all the attention and as i mentioned the box is not stinky! Tho.. i do miss having someone to blame when things stink. And he does make a great pillow when we nap. I hope he comes home soon just so the pet humans will stop worrying.

Oh and just to be nice to help pay the vet bill, i will be auctioning off some of my worn out old um, latest Versace gowns and Jimmy Choos along with some paintings i found at the Louvre. ... oh and there is a pair of red Papal Prade shoes too........

Can someone pour me some champagne?

Ciao for now,


Healing Purrs Requested

Please send healing purrs and thoughts today for our dear boy, Nubi wan Kenobi, Jedi Poose who is in the hospital. We are hoping that he will be OK and home very very soon. He was a very brave boy today at the vet's. He is even braver to stay there tonight.

He sends his apologies to Presidential Candidate,Cheysuli, as he must take a sick leave being her body guard this week.

Come home soon Nubi..... i promise not to call you a poosehead for awhile.
zevo and her pet humans

UPDATE! My pet human has been in touch with the vet hospital and Nubi is doing well. He will probably be there until Thursday. He may have kidney stones. We are all hoping that he does not need anymore tests or operations.

He is acting "fresh" according to the vet tech our human spoke to. I am not sure what a fresh poose acts like. (Sounds like a new dish at a chain restaurant. FRESH POOSE PLATTER ?)

Thanks for keep him in your purrs and prayers. Tomorrow we may be planning a bank heist to pay the vet bill.




Associated Press
San Diego CA
Picture provided by zoolatry

Celebrity politicats Miss Lucy Fur, Miss Boo and Zevo Hussein Calamari were seen dancing on table tops at Hillcrest's famous party spot Mo's over the weekend. The cats all wearing tiaras were celebrating Miss Lucy Fur's return from her rehab stay long vacation. Miss Lucy Fur was wearing a stunning new tiara given to her by Boo and Zevo.

Other cats part of the infamous Bite & Run Brigade, The Poop and Run Brigade and the Miles & Sammy Meezer Whap and Run Brigade were also spotted dancing and drinking margaritas.

Unconfirmed sources report seeing Presidential Candidate Cheysuli. A few black cats were also seen enjoying the party, however there were too many to determine if unvited Jedi , Nubi Hussein wan Kenobi crashed the party. One cat wishing to remain anonymous said that one of the black cats was Bendrix, Mr Hendrix's evil twin.

The party went on until 2:00 am and the cats were kicked out left peacefully and took their party to Balboa Park. San Diego police reported seeing several hung over cats under trees this morning in the park but they were not arrested.


The Party Continues...........

I only have three words to say to you Miss Lucy Fur........ "It's MY tiara!"

Pass the nachos please...and another round of margaritas for my friends...........

kiss kiss


Lucy Fur is Back!

Hi Everyone...

Did you miss me? (The correct answer is "Yes dearest Lucy Fur, we missed you terribly.") I am back from my rehab um... long vacation feeling oh so sane and perky.

I am single again. The Queen's corgie dumped me and i decided to call it quits. The long distance relationship was exhausting.

Judd the puppy is still annoying and getting most of the attention here. I tolerate him. He is a distraction for the humans which gives me free time to shop and party.

I am inviting everyone to Mo's in Hillcrest (San Diego ) tonight for margaritas and dancing. I will make sure there are tuna and ham nachos for all. Miss Boo will be there and we are hoping Zevo flies out to be there too. She needs a break from that poose-head Nubi!

See you at Mo's
California Casual attire please!
ciao ciao
kiss kiss
Lucy Fur


What tree?

Shhh.... i am hiding. I was bad today. My pet human let me out on the balcony and i tried to jump into a nearby tree which was having a birdie-palooza fest. She screamed so loud that it scared the birds away. And then she called me a "poosehead" and made me come back inside.

I shall plan my revenge for later tonight when she is asleep. She hates it when i sleep on her head and pull her hair...
pay back time............ 3:00 am

Mr Hendrix the Kitty who looks alot like me has tagged us for the book Meme. (hmmm maybe i should have blamed Bendrix for the tree stunt?)

Since we once had to pass on the book meme once when we were tagged by Chey Hussein Suli we thought we should cooperate and just do it.

So we chose THE HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY by Douglas Adams. (When saying his name my pet human bows her head as if he were a deity.)

As per the instructions:
Turn to page 123
read 5 lines down
and the next 3 read plus 2 more for fun

"Do you want me to kick you?" said Ford

"Would it give you pleasure?" said Zaphod, blearily.


"Nor me. So what's the point? Stop bugging me." Zaphod curled himself up.

"He got a double dose of the gas." said Trillian, looking down at him, "two windpipes."

I am not going to tag anyone. Instead i invite everyone to wake their pet humans up tonight at 3:00 am.
oh... and i am NOT a poosehead.

Nubi Hussein wan Kenobi


Happy Earth Day!

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
~Native American Proverb


Breaking News

Pope's Red Prada Shoes Missing

Pope Benedict celebrated Mass today at New York's Yankee Stadium for 60,000 people. Animals were banned from the service.

Following the Mass the Pope took a nap at his hotel. Authorities report that his red Prada shoes were missing from his room when he awoke. No signs of break in or any evidence how the shoes could be stolen have been found. Security cameras at the hotel were accidently turned off during his nap.

CNN will continue to report up to date information on this misfortunate event. Paris Hilton is still missing her designer sunglasses. One of the Simpson girls is pregnant and a space ship has come to take Tom Cruise to the Mother-ship.

In other unrelated and boring news children in Dafur and other African countries are dying from hunger, people are dying in Tibet and we are not allowed to report on what is really happening in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.


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Auction to help Mom Laura
Auction to help Mom Laura info

Most of you may have heard the sad news about Mom Laura losing her home in a fire the other night. Her cats Mu Shui, Lily Lu and Iris are still missing. We are all hoping that they ran somewhere safe and will be found soon.

BREAKING NEWS! The cats were saved! Thanks to the Framingham Police. woooohooooooo!

The Pooses for Peace and friends and cohorts of Zevo Hussein Calamari will be auctioning off this pair of handcrafted one of a kind Frida Kahlo earrings made by her pet human given to Zevo by the ghost of Frida Kahlo on the Day of the Dead.

The concho disk holds a picture of Frida Kahlo. Strands of aqua, citrine, pink and blue glass beads with Ab Austrian crystal glass hearts and faux pearls dangle to catch the light. Hypo-allergenic ear wires. These earrings are sold in galleries in New England.

These earrings look best when worn with a uni-brow, red lipstick and after a shot of tequila!

If you would like to bid on these earrings please comment on Zevo's blog. The auction ends next Sunday April 20, 2008 at midnight and winner will be announced on Monday April 21, 2008.

Winner will pay by Paypal directly to Mom Laura's account. Shipping is free.

As of April 14 the highest bid is at $20. If you would like to bid please post a comment on this blog!

Other cool cat items donated by others from the cat blog-o-sphere can be found at this special site
click here for info


Cinema Calamari Rocky Horror Weekend!

In honor of Tim Curry's Birthday Saturday April 19, 2008 Cinema Calamari will be hosting The Rocky Horror Show all weekend!

Please come in Rocky Horror attire! We will provide you with the appropriate accoutremon to throw and use during the movie. The Pooses for Peace will be performing the Time Warp dance during the show. All pooses are welcome to participate!

Oh-oh at the late night, double feature, picture show.
I wanna go, oh-oh, to the late night double feature picture show.
By RKO, oh-oh, at the late night double feature picture show.
In the back row at the late night double feature picture show

p.s. Our email server is currently possessed. (another reason not to forward those junk- email -cute picture -chain -letter- emails!) We may not be able to visit your blogs until we have the Pope come to exorcise our iMac.
Mea Culpa
Mea Culpa
Mea maxima culpa


Thankful Thursday

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Zevomas celebration this past week. It was the best birthday ever! Thank you for all the wonderful gifts, salutations, parties, comments and best of all thank you for being such good friends.

I would especially like to thank Miss Boo and Lucy Fur for coordinating the festivities, the parade, and the parties. Chey. thank you for allowing Nubi to take some time off from his bodyguard duties to celebrate with us.

Thank you to all of those in the Bite and Run, Whap and Run, Poop and Run brigades for marching in the parade and attending the parties. A special kiss kiss to all those celebrities who attended too. And a baci baci to Donatella Versace for her fashion expertise.

I am sending all of you a bouquet of poose blossoms today!

love and gratitude!
zevo hussein calamari


Breaking News

Associated Press
New York

New York authorities report that several paintings and artifacts from the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art are gone. The following have been confirmed as missing:

Young Woman with a Water Pitcher Johannes Vermeer

Cat stealing fish Giuseppe Recco

Cat artifact B.C.E.; Dynasty 12

There are no details on how the art was taken out of the Museum or when the theft happened. Security cameras were said to be shut off for days. New York Police Chief will give a press conference later today with more details.

In other New York news the festival of Zevomas is over. Hordes of cats, dogs, celebrities and a pair of bunny slippers have left the city. A spike in ham, turkey and tuna sales have been reported. Most liquor stores ran out of tequila yesterday.

Donald Trump's wig was seen hanging from the flag pole of Trump Towers early this morning. George Clooney's girlfriend filed a missing earring report and Paris Hilton has not yet found her sunglasses.


Zevo's Birthday continues.......

This stunning gift from Zoey and Maggie and their pet human, Ann just arrived for Zevo. She will be so surprised when she opens this one! It is the perfect accessory to her Versace peridot gown that she is wearing tonight!

Thank you so much dear friends at Zoolatry .

We hope everyone is enjoying the Zevomas festivities.


Happy Birthday Zevo!

What a wonderful day! We all had a great time at the Zevomas Central park Celebration yesterday. Thank you all for coming. I would like to thank Zoolatry for this wonderful graphic!

Today we have some wonderful news. Thanks to the bravery of the Framingham Police, Mom Laura is reunited with her cats Mu Shue, Lily Lu and Iris. More reason to celebrate! If you would like to help her out please see the post at the top of this blog for more details.

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Chey's pet human today!

The bio-degradable ticker tape parade will start at noon today. To keep it eco-friendly we will be riding in solar powered green limos. Miss Boo, Miss Lucy Fur, Nubi wan Kenobi and i will be on the Pooses for Peace float. We arranged for George Clooney to have a solar powered motorcycle especially for this parade. Johnny Depp will be on the Pirate Float along with Orlando Bloom and a few other cool pirates.

Jimmy Buffett will be riding on his very own eco-friendly Parrot Head Float. This parade is going to be the best New York has ever seen!

Barack Obama will also be riding in a solar powered car and has promised not to pick a fight with Cheysuli who will also have her own limo.

All those in the Bite Patrol Brigade are welcome to march or ride on any of the floats you like in the parade. Please wear your official Bite & Run black jackets. The Poop and Run brigade will the finale of the parade.

My birthday party will be held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art tonight at 7;00 pm. If you need formal attire Donna Versace is in room 300 at the Ritz and will dress you for the evening. Please bring your own tiaras and top hats!

Thanks again for making this Zevomas the best ever!
kiss kiss
ciao ciao
zevo hussein calamari


Sunday Zevomas Celebration....

Join us today in Central Park for an Eco-friendly Zevomas celebration. Festivities include earth friendly products, arts, organic food booths and a solar powered nip-tini fountain.

Special guest Al Gore will be give an informal talk at 3:00 pm.

The Zevomas concert will begin at 6:00 pm with Bono, Jimmy Buffett and The Eagles to sing our favorite tunes. Parrothead attire is appreciated but not mandatory.

Tomorrow's biodegradable ticker tape parade honoring Zevo on her birthday begins at noon following the traditional Macy's Day parade route.

Zevo's birthday party will be held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Formal attire is requested. Tiaras and top hats.
All pooses who need something to wear please report to Donatella Versace for something to borrow.

Cats, Mu Shue and Lilly Lu’s home burned down yesterday. We are not sure if they escaped the fire. An auction site has been created thanks to several of the cat bloggers to help Mom Laura. You can find it here. We will try and keep running tabs on auction and efforts to help her get back on her feet.

We will be posting earrings to auction off for this cause probably on Tuesday. Please keep these pooses in your purrs and thoughts and pray for a miracle.


Breaking News

Associated Press
New York

Breaking News.................

Authorities are reporting a Bite and Run Attack at the UN Headquarters in New York City just hours ago.

Unconfirmed sources claim that the infamous Pooses for Peace organization requested to address the UN General Assembly concerning the war in Iraq, Dafur, Tibet, torture at Gitmo and the war crimes committed by the Bush administration.

The Assembly responded with "So sorry,,,,,,We are very busy and important. We do not waste time talking to cats."

Shortly after the statement screams, shrieks and sneezes were heard through out the entire building. UN diplomats were taken to an undisclosed hospital for treatments of ankle bites, knee scratches and allergy attacks. All are in stable condition.

No suspects have been named as security cameras seem to have malfunctioned during the attacks. Rumor has it that the Bite and Run Brigade, a division of the Pooses for Peace, was to blame.

Several diplomats have reported missing earrings and watches. The UN will be closed on Monday to repair carpet damage and stench control.

Pooses for Peace Spokes-poose Zevo Hussein Calamari issued a statement. "Too busy to discuss torture? May fleas descend upon your home and your bodies. May you be feel the pain and suffering of all those who you should be representing. And may you forever smell the stench of our Poop and Run brigades upon your shoes. "

Zevo Hussein Calamari and her cohorts will be on David Letterman tonight.

Thank You!

The Mod Squad of the Pooses for Peace!

In honor of Zevomas our friends at Zoolatry made this stunning montage of Zevo, Boo and Miss Lucy Fur.

We would like to thank Maggy and Zoey and their Pet Human Ann for such a wonderful gift. It is an honor to be immortalized by such a great artist..... and such wonderful words about our blog! "Your blog is on our Top Ten list for sure; fantastic writing, it always brings a hearty laugh -- and one that is so "right on" politically...we really, really enjoy it. You'll be our Best In Show this coming Sunday, by the way."

And we would like to also thank all the pooses who have joined us in New York making this Zevomas season an extra special one.

Later today we are hoping to speak to the UN General Assembly concerning the unrest on the planet. We are asking that they stop the war in Iraq, stop the madness in Tibet, Help those poor people in Dafur. We demand the removal of the Chimp-decider and his cronies immediately and ask that they be replaced with a more intelligent leader such as Cheysuli.

All Bite & Run, Poop & Run, Whap, Poot and Scratch and Run Brigades are on RED alert during this session!

Viva la Revolucion,
(Viva La Boheme!)
The Pooses for Peace


Pooses Sing Puccini

Associated Press
New York

Last night the Metropolitan Opera House was packed to the brim with patrons, celebritites and cats, wearing tiaras and top hats for La Boheme. (Unconfirmed sources claim to have seen a few dogs, one in drag and a pair of bunny slippers up in the balcony)

Much to the surprise of the audience the cast was joined by several cats during the final scene. Zevo Hussein Calamari sung the part of Mimi while Nubi Hussein wan Kenobi assumed the part of Rodolfo. Several members of The Pooses for Peace Bite & Run Brigade joined the chorus. (We regret that we cannot name the hundreds of cats due to time constraints and space since they have all added Hussein as their middle name!)

The most shocking part of the finale is when the cats took over the chorus and began to sing the last song from Moulin Rouge after screaming VIVA LA BOHEME!

"No matter what you say.......

The show is ending our way.....





After the initial surprise the cats received a standing ovation. Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor joined the cats on stage for an encore.

In other New York news several patrons at the opera reported missing earrings, watches and shoes.


Zevomas continues..........

Associated Press
New York

Hordes of cats wearing tiaras, top hats and leather jackets swarmed into The Big Apple to celebrate the first day of Zevomas which began Tuesday.

City officials reported a boost in ham and tuna sandwich sales. Liquor stores reported running out of tequila early in the day. All hotels and motels are filled for the entire week. Rumor has it the Motel 6 has one extra room available but those interested should be warned of a stench coming from the other rooms.

To start off the festivities a firework display was held at the Statue of Liberty. The Pooses for Peace and friends arrived in a solar powered motorcade of green limos. Some of the celebrities sighted at the display were Presidentail Candidate Cheysuli, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Donnatella Versace, Yoko Ono, Sara Jessica Parker, Liza Minnelli and David Letterman. (Later this week Pooses for Peace spokes-poose Zevo Calamari will be on David Letterman.)

Authorities report it was a peaceful event. However park officials noted that the poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty was changed to read:

"Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled pooses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched pooses of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, the flea ridden to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

In other NY news, Paris Hilton claims to have been bitten by a beast dressed in black leather. She cannot recall any other details as she was on "medication". Her Prada sunglasses and Versace watch are now missing.

Donald Trump was seen without his wig for a brief moment today. Unconfirmed sources claim that it was stolen. Mr Trump denies wearing a wig or having it stolen.

An increase in petty theft was reported on Tuesday. There was a sudden decrease in rats and mice seen as well.


The First Day of Zevomas

It's Tuesday and here we are at the Ritz Carlton! We are still waiting for more of our guests to arrive all week The real fun happens over the weekend. I am sure we will find plenty to occupy our time for the next seven days. So many tourist attractions, shows and ankles to bite.

Since this is the first day of Zevomas i thought i would share how Zevo and i became best friends. About ten um, a few years ago Zevo still lived in San Diego not to far from me. (Her pet human and mine are friends. They met in acupuncture school... anyway that is beside the point! Ha! No pun intended!)

Zevo and her sister Baby Pig were working at The Bread & Cie Bakery. They were driving the truck and delivering bread. They hired a big white dog to help push the pedals on the truck. The bread was never delivered. They were all fired the first week. They went on to try other retail jobs. The Pig worked at a Cheese Shop and was fired for eating the profits. Zevo worked at Starbucks in Hillcrest and was accused of stealing tips and was "let go". She tried cutting hair for awhile but it was not a smart career choice for someone with paws. I am not sure what ever happened to the white dog.

One night they went to Hamburger Mary's for a few margaritas. I was there drowning my sorrows over loosing my sequined flip flops at the beach that day. It was a warm summer night. Its a gay bar, so cats wearing tiaras drink for free. As fate would have it the magic of the margaritas took effect and by midnight we were all dancing on table tops and the bar. Of course, we immediately bonded under the influence of the Agave God and became the best of friends.

We also discovered that we were very good at "finding" expensive jewelry and other fine items that we were able to sell on the black market um, give away to charity. Thus began our reputation as cat burglars. Such an ugly phrase. We prefer to think of ourselves as modern day Robin Hoods... with tiaras.

I won't bore you with how we became celebrities, friends with Miss Lucy Fur, Madonna, Donatella, Johnny Depp, (bit his nasty French wife), arrested at the Vatican, dated George Clooney, met with Fidel Castro.... ... well i really don't want to brag so i will stop there.

Zevo and Baby Pig were forced moved to New England. Baby Pig who was the original founder for Pigs for Peace (now known as The Pooses for Peace) passed away a few years ago. We miss her dearly and her birthday would also be on Monday. Before her passing they opened Brothel Calamari , Casino Calamari and Cinema Calamari. All successful businesses! Zevo's pet humans thought she would be lonely so they adopted Nubi wan Kenobi. For the record she was not lonely and is still miffed they did not ask her permission. She tolerates him.

This week will be the best birthday celebration ever. All pooses are welcome to stay with us at the Ritz. We have the entire hotel to ourselves and a few celebrities. (So sorry but The Poop and Run Brigade will be staying at the Motel 6 )

Tickets are still available for La Boheme at the Met for this Wednesday evening's performance. Later we will dine at La Luna in Little Italy. Moonstruck attire is requested.

For all you who are attending the Birthday Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday evening, Donatella Versace will be providing outfits for all. Shoes will be provided by Jimmy Choo, Prada and Manolo. You must bring your own tiaras and top hats.

Room service is here. Champagne anyone?
ciao for now
Miss Boo

you are invited

The season of Zevomas starts tomorrow, Tuesday April 8, 2008 and ends with Zevo Calamari's birthday on Monday April 14, 2008. This is a very big birthday for Zevo. (We like to keep her age a secret from the paparazzi.)

This year Zevo has requested an eco-friendly birthday. Usually she goes to Paris or Milan to celebrate.

The Pooses for Peeace have planned a very special week for her and her friends in New York City. Miss Boo has booked the entire Ritz Carlton which overlooks Central Park for the week. Miss Lucy Fur is in the process of planning an eco-friendly ticker tape parade. Nubi wan Kenobi is negotiating with the UN to meet with the Pooses for Peace while they are in town. Parties and activities will be announced during the week.

All pooses are invited to this once in a life time extravaganza. Bring your own tiaras and top hats. Plenty of organic ham, tuna and chicken for all. A Nip-tini fountain has been placed in the Ritz Carlton for the entire week.

See you in New York!
Happy Zevomas

The Pooses for Peace


We Can Solve It!

Al Gore Invites The Pooses for Peace to launch the WE campaign:
We can solve the climate crisis!

The Pooses for Peace are thrilled about Al Gore's new WE Campaign website

The WE Campaign is a project of The Alliance for Climate Protection -- a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort founded by Nobel laureate and former Vice President Al Gore, which we launched with our first Live Earth concert on 7.07.07. The WE Campaign's ultimate aim is to halt global warming. They are beginning with educating people in the US and around the world that the climate crisis is both urgent and solvable.

Al Gore and The Pooses for Peace invite you to visit this website. Sign the petition. Learn what you can do to help save this planet ... for all people and pooses!

We can solve it!
The Pooses for Peace


Thoughts become Things!

After watching The Secret i manifested this lovely topaz ring. So easy! What shall i visualize next? Manolos? A feather toy? A Prada bag? many ideas ... so little time..............

Miss Boo
p.s. check out this fun website for Notes from the Universe or fun e-cards for humans... FREE!


Tonight at Cinema Calamari

We will showing the movie The Secret tonight at Cinema Calamari.

It is not like pooses really need to watch it. We know how to manifest everything we want and need. However, it seems that in the cat blog-o-sphere, the rumor is that most of our pet humans are going through some sort of money crisis or worries about the lack of it.

Tonight we invite all pooses and their pet humans for this special viewing. There will be plenty of nip-tinis, ham and an unlimited abundance of the popcorn your humans want!'s a secret................