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Celebrity Cats Spotted On Tortuga Island

Associated Press
Costa Rica

Unconfirmed sources have reported seeing the celebrity cats known as the Pooses for Peace and Captain Jack Sparrow on Tortuga Island over the weekend. It is believed that the missing feline Miss Boo was seen dancing on the beach with Sparrow wearing a coconut bra, a sequined bikini bottom and an emerald tiara.

The cats and Sparrow are suspects in the latest commandeering of Salem's tall ship The Friendship. However in a mysterious turn of events over the weekend, the Friendship is now back at Derby Wharf unharmed. Authorities have no explaination on how the ship appeared with no passengers aboard.

As Halloween approaches, Salem's mayor Kim Driscoll is holding her breath waiting to hear if the cats will march in the Haunted Happenings Parade. Extra security and police have been requested for this years event.

In the past few years the cats have been accused of disturbing the peace at the event. Last year it is rumored that the Flying Spaghetti Monster appeared at the parade and touched Dricoll with his Noodley Appendage, thus causing her to crave pasta. (Later in the year she also sponsered a Spaghetti Dinner.) The celebrity cats are devotees of the flying deity. (Driscoll is not.)



Associated Press
Salem MA

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Salem's tall ship known as The Friendship vanished sometime last night. Baffled authorities found a small boat docked on the beach of Derby Wharf with a note which read "Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me!" An empty bottle of rum was also found in the boat.

Homeland security, The FBI and CIA have been brought in to investigate the whereabouts of the missing ship. The Salem Police are still on manhole duty on Bridge Street and Highland Ave.

Meanwhile the celebrity cats known as the Pooses for Peace were nowhere to be found in Salem or Wee Salem today. Unconfirmed sources believe the cats have once again commandeered the Friendship with pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. It is believed Sparrow is having an affair with celebrity cat Miss Boo who has been missing for several weeks. Rumors are flying that Boo and Capt Jack have been staying on a tropical island hiding from authorities and paparazzi.


Security Beefed Up In Salem
Protecting The Friendship

Associated Press
Salem MA

On the eve of Talk Like A Pirate Day , Salem's Mayor Kim Driscoll has requested the city of Boston for extra police coverage for the tall ship known as The Friendship. (Salem police were too busy guarding manholes on Highland Ave this weekend to protect the ship.)

Driscoll and city officials are worried that the domestic terrorist cats known as the Pooses for Peace may commandeer the ship (again) along with their BFF, Captain Jack Sparrow. The shipped disappeared last year and the pirate cats were blamed, although no proof was found.

The cats are Pastafarians, devotees of the Flying Spaghetti Monster . Talk Like A Pirate Day is a Pastafarian Holy day and all those who worship the Noodley deity must wear pirate regalia, eat pasta and drink rum or red wine.

Last year the cats and Captain Jack Sparrow walked in the Haunted Happenings Parade causing an uproar and much needed excitement during the boring parade. Driscoll has declared that this year she will not be upstaged (again) by the cats. No word if they have decided to be in this year's parade.

Zevo hussein Calamari, mayor of Wee Salem issued a statement " Um... like... Kim who? What ship? Does this pirate hat make me look fat? Pass the rum... arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh"


A Message from Miss Lucy Fur

Hello All,

Tomorrow night we're planning our second Purr Vigil at Urban Mo's in Hillcrest. You are all invited. I am hoping Miss Boo tweets her location soon so the Queen's Corgis and I can fly out to meet her.

The old 'hood just isn't the same without her. Besides, she never returned my tiara and I think she took my new fall leopard skin Choos with the platform heels with her and I need them! home NOW!!

Kiss Kiss,

Miss Lucy Fur


Consulting the Oracle in Search of Miss Boo

It has been almost two weeks since anyone has seen Miss Boo. I have decided to do a tarot reading on her safety and whereabouts.

The cards seem promising. The Lovers card turned up which may portend a good union, perhaps a secret lover? Which would explain why she is hiding from the paparazzi. (but why us?) The Chariot card - means movement and travel. My guess is she is hiding somewhere in Europe or a tropical island with her secret lover. And the last card is the Sun which means the tropical island is most likely and that Boo and her lover are basking in the light of their new found love.

Or perhaps she is hiding with that stolen Van Gogh sunflower picture......So there is hope.

Please continue to pray and purr that Miss Boo returns home safely. Boo if you are reading this - take a moment and call, email, or tweet that you are OK. We love and miss you.

zevo and the pooses for peace


Sunday Update

Thank you all for your kind words, prayers, purrs and love. So far no word about Miss Boo. Her pet human has posted her pic all over Hillcrest San Diego, called neighbors and roamed the area calling her name. She may be trapped in someone's garage or perhaps someone found her and took her. We are all hoping for a miracle.

Will continue to keep you posted. It is easier via facebook.!/PoosesForPeace?ref=ts

I am sorry my pet human cannot respond to every comment. We are still working on an antique mac which does not do well when opening up cool blogs.

zevo & the pooses for peace


Miss Boo Please Come Home NOW

My BFF, Miss Boo has been missing since Tuesday according to her pet human. We are having a nonstop purr-a-thon and lighting candles in hopes our prayers will be answered soon that Boo will return home safe and healthy ASAP.

Boo... if you are reading this get your cute furry butt home now so we can plan our next party. We love you. Hurry home.. there is fresh nip, tequila and a new tiara waiting.

We will keep you posted. Thank you for all your purrs and prayers.

zevo and the pooses for peace