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Surprise Birthday Party for Keith O!!!!!!!

It's Keith Theodore (yes Theodore) Olbermann's birthday today! And we are throwing him a surprise party tonight at the Casino Calamari.

You are invited to celebrate with Keith O and the Pooses for Peace tonight. It will be the launch party for the Pooses for Peace Broadcasting network too. Featuring new TV shows for intelligent pooses and people, staring presidential candidate Cheysuli, diva Miss Lucy Fur, Those crazy Meezer boys, Zevo hussein Calamari, Monkay Hussein and many more. (and yes we are way to lazy to html everyone's links in tonight- so sorry.)

And Happy Birthday to Smudge and Miss Boo's Pet human too!!!!!!!!

Party begins at 7:00 pm
shhhh.. it's a surprise!
bring your own tiara
all you can eat buffet and tequila jello shots
Nip-tinis and nip brownies


Pirate Cats Launch TV Network
Debuting Keith Olbermann...

Associated Press

Unconfirmed sources report the the domestic terrorist feline group known as the Pooses for Peace have just launched a pirate TV and radio broadcasting system called PFP, the Pooses for Peace Broadcast Network.

Authorities are uncertain where the origin of the signal could be. Some believe it is coming from Mexico. Others believe Cuba. One official believes it may be coming from the recently defected country known as wee Salem, once a part of the Commonwealth of MA and the city of Salem MA.

Rumors that Keith Olbermann is now preparing to launch his own TV show on the PFP network is circulating. Keith O is said to be friends with the celebrity cats and may be dating the infamous Zevo hussein Calamari.

At this time Keith O and the Pooses for Peace have not returned calls or made any comments. Residents of Salem MA have reported seeing Olbermann and Captain Jack Sparrow walking down Derby Street early today.

More wiki-leaks about the mysterious cat formerly known as Toi and then later leaked as Miss Mao, is really known as Smudge and is not French, despite her smoking habit and pencil skirt. Nor is she Chinese despite her Mao posters. Smudge is a native American shaman cat with healing abilities and magic powers. We can only hope that when Miss Boo returns from her hiding from the authorities, the two will be BFFs.


Keith Olbermann Spotted at Casino Calamari in wee Salem

Associated Press
Salem MA

Unconfirmed sources report that Keith Olbermann has been spotted entering the Casino Calamari of wee Salem MA this morning. Rumors have surfaced that Keith O has sought the comfort of his friends the Pooses for Peace, and perhaps lover...Zevo hussein Calamari after quitting being fired by the greedy right wing neocon bastards of Comcast from MSNBC yesterday.

There is speculation that Olbermann may run as VP with presidential candidate Cheysuli in 2012. The Pooses for Peace, a liberal faction sometimes known as domestic terrorists have already supported this ticket. Nubi wan Kenobi has once again offered his services to Miss Cheysuli as a bodyguard. Rumors that the legions of Bite Patrol are on red alert tonight. Security at Comcast and NBC has been tightened.

A birthday party for Keith O is now in the works at the Casino Calamari. The celebrity cats will be announcing details later in the week. Paparazzi has been flocking to Salem all day. Mayor Kimberley Driscoll has sent out for more police units and asked for assistance from the Boston police. Driscoll is concerned the celebrity cats will take the attention away from her, and her ill fitting black suit this week.

Zevo hussein Calamari has released a statement this evening. " Which party? Or should i say Witch party? We are in Salem!"....
Keith darling, pass the Strega please.


Charo Returns to Casino Calamari

She's back!

Charo will be performing (again) tonight at the Casino Calamari to celebrate her 60th birthday. It will be an evening of tacky entertainment for all thanks to Nubi wan Kenobi who signed a contract with Charo a few years ago! click here if you don't remember

Cuchi Cuchi!
Wear something outrageous
Tapas buffett
Sangria fountain
Plenty of Spanish nip


Wiki Leaks Reveal Toi's Real Name... Miz Mao

Is Toi, the so called French poose who now resides at Miss Boo's home while she is away a Chinese spy? Wiki-leaks has revealed that her real name is Miz Mao aka Smudgey Mao.

No comment has been made from the domestic terrorist group known as the Pooses for Peace as of this latest leak.

Unconfirmed sources report that the cats are busy preparing for (another) blizzard blow out party at their famed Casino Calamari this week. Salem authorities are on alert. The snow emergency ban is on- The celebrity cats have parked their solar powered limos in the Salem Ferry Lot along with their lear jet and Jimmy Buffett's bus. Chinese food has been seen being delivered to the Casino.............



Sending healing thoughts to all those who were brutally shot down on Saturday in AZ. We will be lighting candles tonight for all those who were victims and their families.

This madness needs to stop. We feel that the so called Christians such as Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Rush, and Bill O need to step back. Stop the fear mongering. Stop the lies. Take back your words of hate. You are all to blame for this shameless act. It is time to start mending this country and stop trying to incite acts of bigotry and hate. Time to play nice. Grow up.

Our dear friend Keith O has eloquently put into words how we feel.

Be nice!
the Pooses for Peace


Rest In Peace, Dearest Princess Guacamole

It is with a heavy heart that we share this very sad news.

Princess Guacamole aka Mary Alice, one of our dearest human friends, supporter and honorary member of the Pooses for Peace has passed away over the rainbow.

We would like to celebrate her life and honor her as the rock star that she really was. It is sad that her extraordinary sense of humor and unique view of life was not appreciated by the masses, muggles and snooty ones of the planet.

Princess Guacamole was a connoisseur of cheesecake, chocolate and of course guacamole. She was a true pastafarian, a devotee of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and a follower of the Dalai Lama. She was an acupuncturist, herbalist, mother, hippie.... and above all she was an enlightened comedian.

She commented regularly on our blog and even gave us tips on who should be featured in a Bite & Run. She was the brilliant mind who introduced the concept of the ever popular Pooses for Peace Poop & Run Brigade. And thanks to her we are now BFF with Captain Jack Sparrow!

Please join us this weekend celebrating the life and laughter of Princess Guacamole.
This is the Wake of all Wakes!

Casino Calamari
Saturday noon- Monday noon

Special guests:
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Stevie Nicks
Captain Jack Sparrow
Jon Stewart & Stephen Cobert
Al Gore

Food will be flown in from around the globe!
All you can eat buffet of Cheesecake, Chocolate, Guacamole
Authentic Mexican Comida for all
Indian Curry Buffet
The Holy Spaghetti Factory's Fettucini Alfredo Buffet

and a 12 foot long organic raw veggie and fruit salad bar

Margarita Fountain
Wine, Strega and Carrot Juice
Coconut smoothies

Thank you dear Princess Guacamole for all your love, laughter and snarky comments. May you be at peace and out of pain dearest friend. We are sure you are now sipping rum and nibbling cheesecake with an Angel resembling Captain Jack Sparrow somewhere on a fluffy cloud.

We will miss you.
The Pooses for Peace and all of us at Planet Calamari