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Meanwhile at the Casino Calamari

Zevo left me and Luna in charge of running Casino Calamari while she is in Europe with her BFFs Boo and Miss Lucy Fur. 

Kind of rude of her to leave Luna and i behind. Though- who cares about fashion? As a Jedi, i only need a few good robes and a working light saber. And Donatella Versace scares me. 

I think it is time to shake things up a bit. We need a few new acts at the Casino, so i called my friend Charo and invited her to perform for a week.  By the time Zevo finds out Charo will be gone. (Luna does not care what i do... all she cares about is her mousie laser and her ballet lessons.) 

So join us this week at the Casino Calamari for a Cuchi Chuchi time with Charo! Our margarita fountain will be overflowing with  Jose Cuervo and there will be an all you can eat tuna taco buffet, along with some great catnip brownies!

May the Force be with you
nubi wan kenobi, jedi poose
p.s. please don't tell Zevo

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