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In Memory of Boudreaux the Magi

We are heartbroken to bring you this sad news of our dear friend and comrade, Boudreax the Magi who passed away a few weeks ago while Planet Calamari was in retrograde. We were unable to post on this blog.

A memorial service and wake was held at the Casino Calamari in honor of this Magi and brave member of the Pooses for Peace. He was the Magi who predicted the birth of the komodo dragons to a virgin dragon on St Stephen's Day.

Boudreaux had special psychic abilities, spoke 4 languages ( one of them being the very difficult Giant Pink Snail language) and was also a great dancer. He was employed as a full time greeter at his pet human's acupuncture office. Loved by all, He is survived by his pet human, Padre Don who is also psychic, speaks several languages and also dances. Padre Don will be holding a formal Jazz wake and ceremony in the fall.

Meanwhile Boudreaux is now up to be cannonized as a saint. He has already performed several miracles that the Pope and Vatican refuse to recognize. However we believe that any Pope that wears red Prada shoes is a fake.

Pope Nubius the Jedi of Our Lady of Perpetual Squids will be performing the cannonization this fall. Holy cards, relics and candles will be available to devotees.

St Boudreaux is the patron of compassion, humor and self employed acupuncturists. May he rest in peace. We love you dear boy and may your spirit be with us always. Love to your sweet human, Don.
The Pooses for Peace