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Al Gore's Birthday Party

Associated Press
AP San Diego

Al Gore will be celebrating his birthday today at a private party held by celebrity cats, Miss Boo, Lucy Fur and Zevo Calamari tonight. Gore is an avid supporter of Pooses for Peace and the Green Poose movement. The party was to be a surprise party for Gore, however the paparazzi leaked the secret.

The party will be catered by Wolfgang Puck. Unconfirmed sources claim that Jimmy Buffett will be performing in the back yard of Miss Boo's house for the event. Margaritas and mojitos will be provided by Mo's (once known as the Hillcrest Hamburger Mary's).

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Party in San Diego me! My pet human is leaving for a trip soon and we have the house to ourselves!!!!!!!!!! Wooo hoooooooooooo! Paartaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Get your poosie culu to San Diego now... and bring your surf board and string bikini. Nubi is invited ...only if he promises to pay more attention to me. ( Do you think he likes me? Do you mind if we date? You said you are NOT interested in him....... I think he is so cute.)

Lucy Fur has already called Wolfgang Puck up to have it catered. Mo's is providing the margaritas and the mojitos. You are in charge of entertainment.

Spread the word.
Poose party in San Diego... surf's up!

See you this weekend,
ciao ciao

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Spring Semester Starting

Spring Semester at The Calamari Institute of Substitute Pooses begins next week. Learn a fun new career and the art of substituting. You too can be a successful career poose!

Meet some of the happy graduates of The Calamari Institute of Substitute Pooses.
All have gone on to sub for famous celebrity pooses like Miss Boo, Lucy Fur, Tao and Zevo Calamari. Living the good life, being fed, poosed, by pet humans who do not know that their real pooses are off consorting with the glitteratti.

Call our admissions office right now. Don't delay. Operators are standing by.

Hablamos espanol!

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Wysong Update

I am posting today for Zevo since she is still in NY with Elton John. There is a rumor that she stayed to help him find his missing glasses.

As her pet human i was very concerned about the rumors on the Wysong Food. I called the company and spoke to a very nice woman.

She said that Wysong has their own facility for all their products. HOWEVER, since they do not have a canning facility, they have Menu Foods can their canned products. She stated that Wysong provides the meat and ingredients for them. All their canned foods contain only meat and no wheat gluten. The products canned at Menu Foods are the Stew & Gravy and the Au Jus products.

She said they are not part of the re-call and that Wysong is rethinking about where to have their foods canned because of this incident.

With that info i am relieved that the majority of Wysong products are made in house. However until Wysong changes it's canning facility we will not be using any of their canned foods. I have switched to Solid Gold. Both Zevo and Nubi scarfed it up yesterday. (Before they left for NY!)

For more info on Wysong please visit their site

Jeanie Marie Kraft, Lic.Ac. is keeping tails wagging on the North Shore of MA with K9 acupuncture house-calls. Jeanie is also treating dogs with acupuncture at the DoggieDay Play Center in Boston.Visit for more information.


Happy Birthday Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John is preparing for a concert at New York's Madison Square Garden to celebrate his 60th birthday. Celebrity pooses Zevo Calamari, Miss Boo and Lucy Fur, all members of Pooses for Peace have been invited to sing back up vocals for this event. The show follows a private birthday party held in Manhattan. He has already held a similar bash in London.

Elton John is a huge fan of the Pooses for Peace foundation and has donated large amounts of money to the cause. Unconfirmed sources claim that his glasses will be under heavy survelliance to make sure they do not meet the same fate as Bono's last week.

ps... to all of you who sent comments in the past week, we apologize that the staff at was drunk again and we JUST received them today in our email.

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La fiesta continues

The spring fiesta continues.. yes i know it is early for Cinco de Mayo.... but it is spring! Our pet humans are still too busy to notice the drunk squirrels on the balcony and the empty bottles of Corona laying around. The mariachi band is fantastico!

What a party. Too bad that Boo is teaching Salsa in San Diego this week. Lucy Fur is busy hanging out with Wolfgang Puck again redoing the menu for Hamburger Mary's. Other pooses have been arriving.... Daisy is here. Tao and Sarge came last night.

My margarita has arrived......
Could i have a side of tuna nachos with extra tuna?


Our pet humans have been way too busy to notice that we have been having a spring fiesta for the past two days.

Come on by the Casino Calamari..... free shots of Jose Cuervo and tuna tacos for all. Zevo hired a great mariachi band. Bring your own sombrero!

nubi de juan kenobi


laundry day

My pet human just finished doing the laundry. I refuse to help her fold it. Can you believe she actually asked me? "Zevo poosie girl, please fold these for me... I have to get ready for work."

The nerve. In fact... i refuse to move off it. It is warm and comfie. Could someone please shut the lights off?

I have declared a nap time.


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For your pet humans....

The Nature of Animal Healing : The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat (Paperback) By Martin Goldstein D.V. M.

My pet human insisted that we post this. She is outraged over the death of all those pooses who ate the recalled pet food.

Some of you may not know that my pet human is an acupuncturist for dogs .... and sometimes cats ( if their owners beg her!) She recommends this book to everyone who owns a poose. It talks about how to feed us, supplements, alternative medicine and even the real scoop on vaccines. Please have your pet human read this asap!

The pet foods that my pet human recommends are all organic and use free range meats. They are: Wysong, Solid Gold, Innova, Wellness,Cornocopia, Abady or feed us free-range turkey or chicken! Most of these can be found in smaller pet stores, health food stores or on the internet.

Pet foods in this country are not regulated. Therefore fillers, garbage and who knows what are in them. The book will fill you in on the gory details.

For a list of the recalled foods or more info visit her other blog at

ebay listing


When Irish Pooses are Smiling

Associated Press

The St Patrick's Day parade was led this year by the O'Danny Boy Pipe Band playing "When Irish Pooses are Smiling." Followed by the controversial Pooses for Peace Float.

A Poose Pride Float was rejected by parade officials and pooses wearing rainbow shirts protested on the side lines. Presidental hopeful Chey, promised she would do all she could when elected for the Gay Pooses of America. Unconfirmed sources claim to have seen Chey on the float with her sister, Gemini.

At the end of the parade celebrity pooses Zevo Calamari, Miss Boo and a Lucy O'Fur (all wearing emerald tiaras) were detained by Homeland Security for helping two fugitive royal British Corgis escape the Queen. The corgies were taken away by Scotland Yard. They were heard screaming "Give Ireland Back to the Irish you bloody old bat."

Unconfirmed sources report that Ted Kennedy had the celebrity cats and their tiaras released from Homeland Security. It is no secret that Kennedy and the cats are good friends. Kennedy invited the cats to ride along with him and his dog Splash, in his limo to the St Patty's Party held at Hamburger O'Marys. The RiverDance Poose Dancers led by Tao, Sarge and Nubi O'Kenobi will open for Bono and U2 later tonight.

The mayor of Salem has asked for Boston PD back up for tonight's celebrations. She sent a warning to all attending the party to wear cheap jewelry. She has not commented if she will attend the party.

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Party Invite to all Pooses

Come join us at Hamburger O'Mary's in Salem for a St Patty's Day party. Tickets are still available for this event. Call 1-800-Boo-Zevo. Have your credit card ready!

Our party begins after the St Patty's Day parade in Boston. Pooses for Peace will have their own float this year. It's an event you won't want to miss! See you there.

May the Tuna dish rise up to meet you,
Zevo O' Calamari


Tarot for Celebrity Pooses

I am back in Salem today. Boo and Lucy Fur have asked me to do tarot readings for them. Both are now dating royal corgies. Boo fixed Lucy Fur up with her beau's brother.

As I flip over the cards i see... jewels......a queen without a crown.........passion......... and ..... a warning involving something official..........

Oh... i just pulled The FOOL.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I do hope that they all come here for the St Patty's parade and party. Nubi and i worked so hard on our new float.


Royal Scandal

Unconfirmed sources claim that Royal Corgie Sir Linnet has been seen with celebrity cat Miss Boo. Rumors are that Miss Boo has been wearing a tiara belonging to Queen Elizabeth.

Sir Linnet attended a party held by Miss Boo's friend, a Miss Lucy Fur over the weekend. San Diego police were called in to shut the party down after neighbors complained about the noise. No one was arrested.

No comment has been made yet by the Royal Family on this scandal as they are busy tending to Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who is recovering at home following her hysterectomy operation.

Poose-cam Live from Camilla's bedside brought to you by


long live the queen

Since Nubi splurged and bought himself a Jedi cloak i thought it was only right that i aquire a new tiara... this one belonged to Queen Elizabeth. A corgie gave it to me.

You may now call me Queen Boo.

thanks luv,
queen boo



My pet humans ran off to Reno to meet their first grandchild who was born today and left me in charge of the homestead.

PARTAY!!!!! Everyone is invited. Mo's will be catering! Margaritas and Mojitos for all!

B.Y.O tiara (or cloak)

Lucy Fur

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Obi Wan's Cloak Sells For $104K At Auction

The brown cloak Alec Guinness wore as Obi Wan Kenobi in a "Star Wars" galaxy far, far away sold for $104,200 at a London auction. Unconfirmed rumors are that a Nubi Wan Kenobi purchased the cloak after earning a large amount of money on a covert mission that transpired recently. No details of this mission have been released.


Ann Coulter Bit

has just been rushed to an undisclosed hospital for mysterious bites on the ankles and knees. Her signature little black dress has been shred to pieces and part of her head was shaved.

Authorities are not clear how the incident occured. The only witness was Rush Limbaugh who has claimed to see cats wearing robes and holding light sabers running from her office. Mr Limbaugh was later asked to urinate in a bottle by the police.

Ann Coulter is said to be in stable condition wearing a borrowed paisley sundress made in India with birkenstocks until another black dress is found.

We at Fox News are certain that our dear Ann was attacked by gay liberal cats. Stay tuned for Bill O'

Recovering at The Golden Door

Here we are at the Golden Door in Escondido. It is so nice to relax and be pampered. Recovering from our covert activities will take at least another day or two. Too bad Zevo can't be here with us. She does not trust Nubi to run the Casino after the Charo incident.

Lucy Fur is having her teeth recapped.... all that ankle biting. I am having a massage and facial today. Later we have yoga and naps in the sun. organic margarita has arrived,

ciao ciao

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And Now a Word from our Sponsor

Pooses for Peace has just commissioned Princess Calamari to design their new logo. (Peter Max was not available.)

Show your support to the Pawsitive Peace Movement by shopping until you drop at The Planet Calamari Boutique. Your kind donations also help our covert operations in the name of Peace (and also help us pay the taxes on our vespas.)

To see this poose art on clothing and other fun gifts click on pooses for peace

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Jimmy Choo taken Hostage

I am holding Zevo's Jimmy Choo shoes hostage until she is nice to me. Just because i cried at the end of That Darn Cat does not make me a baby. I have feelings too.

And so what if i have birds on my pjs? I will not even say what she wears as you could even call them pajamas.... NOT!

I demand an apology. Oh... and i want my own blog.

May the force be with you,
nubi wan kenobi, jedi poose


Saturday Night with the Humans

I am so tired after all the excitement this past week that i have decided to stay home and watch a movie with my pet humans. I closed the brothel and the casino for the weekend. It is too cold and icy here anyway for any business. Plus i do need to decide on the perfect place for my new casino? brothel? undisclosed villa in the south of France?

Boo and Lucy Fur are back in San Diego. They are planning a spa weekend in The Golden Door. That escapade in the Ritz Carlton Bomb Shelter was a bit much for us. Those girls deserve a good massage. ... and of course teeth cleaning after biting the Dark Lord.

Tao and Sarge are back in Baltimore, probably drinking natty boh's.

Nubi has never seen That Darn Cat. What a baby. Can you believe he is wearing pajamas with birds on them?

Time for the movie..... pour me some of that wine please.

ps... there is some hug-a-thon happening on the cat blog-o-sphere. Cheysuli sent me a hug and i am supposed to hug 4 others. Do i HAVE to hug Nubi? euuuuuwwww cooties......
Anyway i am sending psychic poose hugs to all.

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happy birthday dr seuss

Happy Birthday to one of our most favorite humans..... Dr Seuss!

Today is a holiday for all cats.
We are taking the day off to draw fun pictures and be bad! Humans.... hide your goldfish!

It is fun to have fun.
-The Cat in the Hat

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What Picasso?

We heard that some Picassos are missing from Paris. You don't know anything about this, do you? It was a very clean job, very cat burglar like.

Sarge & Tao

Dick Cheney Bit


Unconfirmed sources have reported that Dick Cheney was bit on the ankles and knees last night during his vacation in
Afghanistan. Cheney was staying at the Ritz Carlton Bomb Shelter in Kabul.

Secret Service are baffled how anyone could have entered the secured shelter. Local Afghans claimed to have seen three cats in black trench coats with sunglasses entering the shelter last night. CIA spokesperson said that the translation from Farsi to English must be incorrect and had the locals tested for hummus poisoning.

No suspects have been named. Terrorist Pooses are a possible suspect.

Mr. Cheney is in stable condition and had stitches. He was last seen eating a slab of buffalo. with freedom fries.

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