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Spring Semester Starting

Spring Semester at The Calamari Institute of Substitute Pooses begins next week. Learn a fun new career and the art of substituting. You too can be a successful career poose!

Meet some of the happy graduates of The Calamari Institute of Substitute Pooses.
All have gone on to sub for famous celebrity pooses like Miss Boo, Lucy Fur, Tao and Zevo Calamari. Living the good life, being fed, poosed, by pet humans who do not know that their real pooses are off consorting with the glitteratti.

Call our admissions office right now. Don't delay. Operators are standing by.

Hablamos espanol!

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Daisy said...

Hmmm, that looks like a career I could do!

Cheysuli said...

Hmm... too bad I'm already running for president. That school looks a lot easier!