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Al Gore's Birthday Party

Associated Press
AP San Diego

Al Gore will be celebrating his birthday today at a private party held by celebrity cats, Miss Boo, Lucy Fur and Zevo Calamari tonight. Gore is an avid supporter of Pooses for Peace and the Green Poose movement. The party was to be a surprise party for Gore, however the paparazzi leaked the secret.

The party will be catered by Wolfgang Puck. Unconfirmed sources claim that Jimmy Buffett will be performing in the back yard of Miss Boo's house for the event. Margaritas and mojitos will be provided by Mo's (once known as the Hillcrest Hamburger Mary's).

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Toni said...

My pet human leaves TODAY!! Party time!!!!

Miss Lucy said...

Well, Wolfgang is trying out new canapes and the tequila will be flowing. Boo's pet human is gone and we're almost finished putting out the tiki torches, the twinkle lights and party favors.

I think the Corgis are coming but Her Royal Highness says they are supposed to be watching Prince Harry this weekend so maybe not.

Gotta go...Wofgang just pulled up in the refrigerated truck.

Where's my Tiara, Boo?

Lucy Fur

boo said...

What tiara?


Tara said...

I think I'm going to crash this party!

Cheysuli said...

If only I hadn't committed to talking in Portland. Certainly it was a worthwhile chat at many places, but Al and I are close. I can't believe I misplaced the b-day invite!