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La fiesta continues

The spring fiesta continues.. yes i know it is early for Cinco de Mayo.... but it is spring! Our pet humans are still too busy to notice the drunk squirrels on the balcony and the empty bottles of Corona laying around. The mariachi band is fantastico!

What a party. Too bad that Boo is teaching Salsa in San Diego this week. Lucy Fur is busy hanging out with Wolfgang Puck again redoing the menu for Hamburger Mary's. Other pooses have been arriving.... Daisy is here. Tao and Sarge came last night.

My margarita has arrived......
Could i have a side of tuna nachos with extra tuna?


Daisy said...

More tuna nachos please! Ole, ole!

Boo said...

Well, while you're lying around drunk, I was out giving a salsa class and then doing a salsa demonstration at the Bahia Resort in Mission Beach. It was fantastic! Everyone had a great time, and I've signed up 3 couples as students!

Cheysuli said...

Of course you know that the real Cinco De Mayo will be caught up in my wedding. Margaritas anyone?!