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long live the queen

Since Nubi splurged and bought himself a Jedi cloak i thought it was only right that i aquire a new tiara... this one belonged to Queen Elizabeth. A corgie gave it to me.

You may now call me Queen Boo.

thanks luv,
queen boo


Miss Lucy said...

Oh Puleeze,

Another Tiara? Geeze, Boo. Get a grip. And, return MY tiara, the one you stole months ago!

Besides, that Corgi gave out a lot of jewelry to a lot of other girls before he was banished to Balmoryal to chase vermin.

Where are my false eyelashes? anyone find them after the party?

Lucy Fur

Boo said...

Lucy, lucy, lucy....I think it's time for Betty Ford again. I told you - I do NOT have your tiara. I didn't want to bring this up, but remember when your pet humans were awaylast time? Remember that wild party you threw? Remember those slutty squirrels that showed up? I told you I saw one of them with a bag slung over her shoulder - and it was NOT a Cole Hahn! I really, really think that's where your tiara went, dear. I would check on ebay if I were you. Apparently there's lots of stolen goods passing through that site.

Ciao, Ciao
p.s. I think I saw your false eyelashes go flying while you were whirling around on the table top, doing that crazy flamenco dance. I can't be sure, 'cause we were all a few sheets to the wind.....

Cheysuli said...

Hello Queen Boo!