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Party Invite to all Pooses

Come join us at Hamburger O'Mary's in Salem for a St Patty's Day party. Tickets are still available for this event. Call 1-800-Boo-Zevo. Have your credit card ready!

Our party begins after the St Patty's Day parade in Boston. Pooses for Peace will have their own float this year. It's an event you won't want to miss! See you there.

May the Tuna dish rise up to meet you,
Zevo O' Calamari


Daisy said...

That sounds like a very very fun party!

Miss Lucy said...

Hey Zeeves,

Do you have my green feather boa? I'm bringing my emerald tiara (goes so well with my eyes, you know).

Boo waants to Corgis to come but the Queen hates the Irish so she won't give them their passports. What a drag.

Top O' the morning to ya!

Lucy O'Fur

Cheysuli said...

What a great party! I might have to sneak out to go.