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Party in San Diego me! My pet human is leaving for a trip soon and we have the house to ourselves!!!!!!!!!! Wooo hoooooooooooo! Paartaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Get your poosie culu to San Diego now... and bring your surf board and string bikini. Nubi is invited ...only if he promises to pay more attention to me. ( Do you think he likes me? Do you mind if we date? You said you are NOT interested in him....... I think he is so cute.)

Lucy Fur has already called Wolfgang Puck up to have it catered. Mo's is providing the margaritas and the mojitos. You are in charge of entertainment.

Spread the word.
Poose party in San Diego... surf's up!

See you this weekend,
ciao ciao

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george c. said...

Boo, darling - I'm so sorry I didn't hear about this sooner, or I would have been there! But I'm afraid I'm booked for this weekend. Why don't you fly over to Italy and stay at the villa when your pet human comes back? I'm sure you're not going to want all that curry.

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Oh a Party in San Diego! It sounds like you all will have a blast!!

Beautiful Kitty Cats Indeed!

Cheysuli said...

Another party? I can't believe you guys have that much stamina!

Daisy said...

If you are serving Mojitos, I am there! Party! Party! Party!

Tara said...

OOHH, Mom loves San Diego. I've never been, but can't wait! The Pink Ladies are coming!