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Saturday Night with the Humans

I am so tired after all the excitement this past week that i have decided to stay home and watch a movie with my pet humans. I closed the brothel and the casino for the weekend. It is too cold and icy here anyway for any business. Plus i do need to decide on the perfect place for my new casino? brothel? undisclosed villa in the south of France?

Boo and Lucy Fur are back in San Diego. They are planning a spa weekend in The Golden Door. That escapade in the Ritz Carlton Bomb Shelter was a bit much for us. Those girls deserve a good massage. ... and of course teeth cleaning after biting the Dark Lord.

Tao and Sarge are back in Baltimore, probably drinking natty boh's.

Nubi has never seen That Darn Cat. What a baby. Can you believe he is wearing pajamas with birds on them?

Time for the movie..... pour me some of that wine please.

ps... there is some hug-a-thon happening on the cat blog-o-sphere. Cheysuli sent me a hug and i am supposed to hug 4 others. Do i HAVE to hug Nubi? euuuuuwwww cooties......
Anyway i am sending psychic poose hugs to all.

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Cheysuli said...

I just can't thank you enough for all the exposure you're getting me. Enjoy That Darn Cat. A lovely tribute to a grand Siamese!

Tara said...

Snuggling up to a good movie sounds like a fine way to spend a Saturday night! Right now I'm snuggled on Mom's lap, and we are watching the news.

Which Salem are you at?


zevo calamari said...

I am in Salem, Ma... the witch capital of the planet. I use to live in San Diego down the street from Boo. Lucy Fur is in San Diego too. Nubi is from Oregon but now lives with me in Salem....which was NOT my idea but my sappy pet human's.

My pet human now boycotts the news. She even had our cable turned off. Can you believe THAT?