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We have a candle lit for all those dear pooses who have crossed over these few past weeks.

It has been a busy week and my teeth are tired. Time to meditate and be one with The Force.

Hard to see the dark side is...Bit next, who will be?

A Jedi flows with The Force....

Off we will be, for this holiday.

May the Force be with you,
nubi wan kenobi, jedi poose

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Newsflash! Michael Vic Bit

For those who do not know why this man was bit please read the article by CNN below. This is a warning to all who kill innocent animals for sport. The Bite Patrol is watching you....prepare to be bit!
The Bite Patrol

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick faces criminal charges and a possible prison sentence for allegedly participating in an enterprise that trained pit bulls for death matches in which spectators bet on the outcome, federal prosecutors announced Tuesday.

Vick, 27, and three associates were indicted by a federal grand jury in Richmond, Virginia, on a conspiracy count alleging they bought and sponsored dogs in an animal fighting venture and traveled across state lines to participate in illegal activity, including gambling.

According to the indictment, dogs that didn’t show enough fighting spirit, or that lost matches, were put to death by a variety of methods, including shooting, drowning, hanging and electrocution. Prosecutors allege that on one occasion earlier this year, Vick participated in killing eight dogs.




Attorney General Alberto Gonzales handed in his resignation this weekend. Unconfirmed sources report that Gonzales was the latest victim in a Bite and Run attack. These attacks have been happening over the past year to politicians, mostly Republicans, as well as celebrities.

Authorities believe these Bite and Runs are the work of a group of cats running from the crime scenes wearing black leather and tiaras. One source claims to have seen one of the cats wearing a robe and a carrying a light saber. He was committed to the psych ward at John Hopkins later.

No suspects have been named.

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woooooo hoooooooooo
My pet human is away and i just completed the Zevo Calamari on-line study course on "How to give a fabulous party."

Come on by! We have a keg of cheap beer and lots Jimmy Buffett CDs......

See you tonight!

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Bubba returns from Paris

I just returned from my first party in Paris. Last week i learned that i was related to the famous Zevo Calamari....or maybe it is my pet human is related to her pet human? Something about they share a brain? Honestly i do not understand what those humans are talking about half the time.

It was so nice to be invited to a real party. Usually in my neighborhood all the cats drink National Bohemian or Miller Light on a Saturday night, then we fight.

I had the best time at Boo's party. Those pooses sure can party! Great food, lots of dancing and Miss Boo sure is pretty, but she is still crazy about George Clooney. Miss Lucy Fur is stunning but i know that i am not her type, and she kind of scares me!

Oh and look at the cool statue i found at the Moulin Rouge! It is perfect for my breakfast crunchies. If only i had some champagne to go with them.

Later dude,

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Montemarte, Paris

Reports have surfaced that the famous painting by Toulouse Lautrec at the Moulin Rouge, along with several statues and artifacts are missing. French police are baffled how the crime was orchestrated and that the perpetrators apparently made their getaway unnoticed.

In other news Nicole Kidman claims to have lost a pair of diamond earrings this past weekend at a private party also held at the Moulin Rouge.

This is Bridget Jones live from Paris for the BBC.

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Thank You

There is still a bit more champagne left.... mmmmmmm delish!

I want to thank all of you came to the party. It was such a grand time. All of you looked stunning in your top hats and tiaras. The can-can birthday dance was the best!

Thank you so much.
Oh... and i want to thank George Clooney for the necklace, Nicole for the sapphire earrings that match my eyes, and a special thanks to Zevo and Lucy Fur who planned this party.



Invitation to all!

Hi Everyone,

You are all invited to Boo's Birthday Bash this weekend. Make sure you hire legal substitute pooses to cover for you at home. Your pet humans will never know!

There will be many of our celebrity friends to help celebrate with us, such as George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Ewan Macgregor, Audrey Tautou and Bono just to name a few!

Please dress appropriately! Top hats and canes for boys, tiaras, long gloves and diamonds for girls. If you are participating in the birthday can-can dance please bring your dancing shoes!

ciao for now

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Safe in Switzerland

We are staying one more day here in the Alps. It has been a lovely reprieve from the madness back in the USA. Our Bite and Run covert agents are busy gathering evidence to prove that it was not us, but Barney Bush who bit Karl Rove. A few minor details to attend to and soon we will be off the hook! Meanwhile we are celebrating!

Tomorrow we will leave for France. Boo's birthday is soon and i am planning a lovely party for her at the Moulin Rouge. She wanted to be in Montmarte for her special day. As a surprise i have invited George Clooney and a few other close friends.

Time for more cheese and champagne.



Karl Rove, Bush's brain, will resign at the end of of this month. Rove claims he wants to spend more time with his family.

Unconfirmed sources say that the real reason Rove is quitting is that he is fearful of more Bite and Run attacks. Mr Turd Blossom will be taking a vacation with his "family" at an undisclosed remote island.

Bite and Run suspects Zevo Calamari, Boo and Lucy Fur have been seen in Switzerland. No charges have been filed as there is no proof linking the cats to the bites.

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Hiding from Homeland Security

Zevo, Boo and Lucy Fur are still hiding out from Karl Rove and his thugs, in that wonderful neutral country with great cheese. I have decided to stay home undercover and plan the next bite and run.

Homeland security would never think to look in the baby's room for me.
Now who should we bite next? I am waiting for my orders from headquarters. Copy that. Roger roger...



The weather is here....
We have decided to take a get out of town quick vacation until things calm down with Mr Rove and his goons. So i am writing from an undisclosed location...where the chocolate and cheese is divine!

Meanwhile here is a very urgent matter for all of us !

Even Now, Amazon Defends Animal Fighting!
In the wake of the high-profile indictment of Michael Vick, the nation has been awakened to the cruelty of animal fighting. Members of Congress, corporate leaders, and people like you are speaking out. And Louisiana and New Mexico enacted laws this year to outlaw cockfighting -- the last two states to join the fold.

Online retailer Amazon is now in the lonely position of promoting animal fighting activities. It's the only online retailer of subscriptions to animal fighting magazines in the United States, and these magazines advertise the sale of fighting animals and cockfighting weapons -- sales made illegal by federal law! The Feathered Warrior even advertised fighting dogs from a dogfighter whose operation makes the enterprise described in the Michael Vick indictment look like a bunch of amateurs.

This nonsense from Amazon must stop --
and tell them so right now.
Amazon claims that its commercial sale of these publications is protected by the First Amendment. But the First Amendment does not protect companies advertising illegal contraband, and that's exactly what the magazines sold by Amazon are doing.

Dogs and chickens suffer grievous injuries or death in fights produced for depraved fun and shameful profit. Please ask Amazon right now to stop selling animal fighting magazines. And don't forget to tell your friends and family how they can help, too.

Thank you for all you do for animals


Zevo Calamari on The Daily Show

Zevo Calamari, spokes-poose for Pooses For Peace will be Jon Stewart's guest tonight on the Daily Show. Miss Calamari, along with Miss Lucy Fur and Miss Boo, is one of the suspects in the Karl Rove Bite and Run incident last week. So far no charges have been formally filed as, there is no substantial proof.

Join Jon tonight for a very entertaining show!


Bite and Run


Karl Rove was involved in a Bite & Run late last night. Rove was seen having dinner with White House friends celebrating his immunity to appear before Congress.

Unconfirmed sources claim to have seen 3 cats wearing black leather jumpsuits, masks and tiaras running from the direction of Rove's car immediately after he began screaming, "What the @*&K! OOOUUUCH!"

Mr. Rove was taken immediately to the hospital. He is in stable condition and suffers from minor cuts, scratches and several bites.

Homeland security has raised the terrorist poose level up to orange. So far no organization has taken responsibility for the bite and run.

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