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Its the Zevo Calamari New Years Eve Gala!

Yes... YOU....You Are Invited!

The New Years Eve Extravaganza
at the
Casino Calamari
(our new DC location)
Saturday 12/31/11

7:00 pm - ?

Music by Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefer Band
with back up vocals by
Zevo hussein Calamari and the Pooses for Peace

Niptini Fountain
All you can eat buffet... tuna, ham, cheese, chicken and turkey
birdie toys
mouse souffle

Parrothead attire requested

Wishing you the happiest of New Years

Free Parking at our new DC location!
No worries about any mayors in ill fitting black suits calling the police this year!


Surprise Bite & Run Attack
on Capitol Hill Today

WASHINGTON—Congressional leaders reached an agreement Thursday to temporarily extend a payroll-tax cut by two months and begin negotiations on a yearlong extension, aides said. Congress has been deadlocked all week after greedy bastard House Republicans insisted on a one-year extension.

Aides said House Speaker John Boehner (R, Ohio) agreed to hold a new vote Friday on extending the tax cut to end an impasse that threatened to leave workers with a tax increase next year. Sources report the decision came immediately after a horde of cats wearing tiaras and Occupy Wall Street bedazzled shirts attacked many members of Congress in a surprise Bite & Run Attack.

Screams of agony, sneezing and gagging filled the room along with an unknown odor thought to be biological warfare. All injured congressmen were taken to the hospital where it is reported a cat in scrubs and a tiara administered Flintstone vitamins instead of pain medication. Many congressman are reporting that their watches, iPhones and wallets are now missing. A Biohazard unit has been sent into the congressional chambers to eliminate the odor.

Authorities believe this is the work of the infamous domestic tearist group known as the Pooses for Peace. The celebrity cats have been laying low since they moved their headquarters from Salem MA to the DC area. Their legions of the Bite & Run Patrols and Poot & Run have been known to attack dimwitted greedy congressmen in the past. It was reported that the special op forces known as the Poop & Run were also involved in this attack. No proof or evidence was found at the crime scene. All security cameras were taped off with duck tape and toy mice sprinkled with cat nip. A few bottles of tequila and one Manolo shoe were also found at the scene.

Pooses for Peace Spokes-poose Zevo hussein Calamari issued a statement which seemed to be filmed on a pirate ship. "What out for the 99% you bumbling idiots! And what is with John Boehner's hair and fake tan? Ack ack the taste of greed and bad cologne! Pass me that tequila Captain Jack. Does this iPhone make me look fat.... like Dah!... where is my other shoe?"


Merry Zappadan

Tis the season of
Zappadan December 4th through December 21

We pooses are all way to young to remember Frank Zappa. However, Zappadan is a very important holiday according to our pet human.

Frank Zappa was born in the very same hospital as our pet human ...and passed away on her birthday in 1993. (She took it personal...and needless to say she was very excited to hear that others dedicated a season to him that starts on her birthday)

The festival of Zappadan runs from the date of Frank's death, 12/4, through the date of his birth, 12/21. We did not make this up!

We would like to invite everyone to celebrate Zappadan at the Casino Calamari for the entire season.

Bring your own dental floss, and we will provide entertainment, munchies and of course tequila.

Oh... and a happy birthday to our pet human. (We think she would like this quote too!)

“I never set out to be weird. It was always other people who called me weird.”
Frank Zappa

Happy Birthday Nubi wan Kenobi!

It is Nubi wan Kenobi's birthday. ....Famed Jedi Knight,
member of the Pooses for Peace
and bodyguard to Meezer Ex-presidential candidate Cheysuli.

A birthday party will be held on the Forest Moon of Endor tonight.
Music by the Cantina Band

Star Wars attire is required.
Bring your own light saber.

Space shuttle leaves from Dulles Airport at noon.