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Still In Switzerland

Ciao ciao!

We are still in Switzerland, recovering from some plastic surgery and tummy tucks ...i mean the stress of life. We all are going to look fabulous when we return to the states!

Everyone had such a wonderful time at Boo's party. We would like to thank all of you. If you did not attend please do read the posts below for details.

My pet human does not seem concerned about my blog. I feel it should be her most important priority...however she feels that working as much as she can is more important. And that is all she has been doing... well she worries a lot too, so there is not much time for anything else. I think she needs to re-watch The Secret, or take a vacation.

Also there is the small dilemma that the iMac is now in the "office" in the attic and it has been very hot up there. It is not good for the computer and we have been unable to visit blogs that have lots of stuff on them.

The pet human also claims there are ghost in the attic and is scared to be up there after 7:00pm. I think we have been living in Salem too long!

Have a wonderful weekend. We will try to visit. ... if we do not please understand!

ciao ciao
zevo & the pooses for peace


We are experiencing technical difficulties and are unable to visit many blogs or post the latest updates on The Pooses for Peace (who are all still in Switzerland).

We are sorry we cannot visit your sites. Our old iMac does not have enough umph to open some of the more elaborate sites with videos, cool graphics, etc.

We are asking everyone NOT to send us any emails with attachments, forwarded emails with other peoples' email addresses stacked up in the cc box.

Have a wonderful week and we hope to remedy this situation soon.
zevo & nubi's pet human


The Day After....


Unconfirmed sources have reported that celebrity cat , Miss Boo of the infamous Pooses for Peace was given a topaz ring by George Clooney, last night at her surprise birthday gala No one knows if it was a generous friendship ring.... or something more serious. Clooney and Miss Boo were seen kissing and cuddling most of the night.

Dignitaries, diplomats and celebrities joined in the festivities for Miss Boo along with hundreds of her cat friends, and members of The Pooses for Peace.

Princess Caroline of Monaco hosted the gala at the Monaco Castle. Entertainment was provided by U2, Bette Midler and The Eagles and other musical friends of the cats.

An "all you can eat ham, cheese and chicken and catnip buffet" was provided by Rachel Ray. Al Gore gave the birthday speech and thanked Miss Boo and her partners Zevo Calamari and Miss Lucy Fur for the fine work the Pooses for Peace had done.

Presidential candidate Cheysuli was there with her bodyguard Jedi cat, Nubi wan Kenobi. Fashion icon Daisy the Curly Cat was seen dancing with Lux and later with Mickey. Kaze, Latte and Chase dined with Jennifer Aniston and consoled her all night as she was distraught about her break up with that John Mayer.

House of Versace provided couture for the cats. A dart game with Karl Rove's face on the board was given as a gift by Mr Hendrix and his twin Bendrix. Bendrix was asked by The Eagles to sing Happy Birthday to Boo. This was their way of forgiving him for trashing a guitar at their last concert.

Sammy, Miles and Billy all part of the Bite and Run & Poot and Run Brigades gave a Special Forces demonstration. Incense had to be lit after the Poot demonstration by Billie. A few glasses of champagne were whapped across the dance floor. No one was injured.

Newlyweds Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi flew in to Monaco after their wedding this past weekend to wish Boo and happy birthday. " I would not miss Boo's birthday for the world!" said DeGeneres. Later Kilroy , Adan and Fat Eric were seen dancing with the newly weds. Karen Jo was spotted with Tao and Sarge doing tequila shots. Bubba the cat brought Bonnie Raitt as his date.

There were so many cats present we apologize if we have not mentioned them all. Other cats seen were Zippy, Sadie, Zoey, Moki, Mrs Oz, Karl, the Topcats, The Hotcats, and too many more to remember.

The party lasted until dawn and there were hung over cats seen all over Monaco in the early morning. Monaco authorities report that some of the dignitaries invited by Princess Caroline reported missing earrings and bracelets. "Too much alcohol is to blame for this, not those dear cats." said Princess Caroline.

In unrelated news a few pieces of art and statues were said to be missing from the castle.

Miss Boo, Lucy Fur and Zevo Calamari have been seen checking into a clinic in Switzerland known for tummy tucks and youth serum treatments this morning. The cats deny the claim.


from monaco.....

happy birthday miss boo!

with love,
from all your friends

p.s. Thank you all for coming to the party tonight. The Castle at Monaco does not have DSL so we will not be able to post on other blogs until later this week. Enjoy the party!
the pooses for peace


You are invited to...

shhhh... it is a surprise party!

All pooses are invited to celebrate Miss Boo's 10th birthday given by the royalty of Monaco.

Tuesday August 19, 2008

Hors d'oeuvres at 7;00 pm
Dinner at 8:00 pm
Dancing and frivolity 9:00 pm -?

Please bring your own tiaras and top hats.
House of Versace will generously provide couture for all those pooses who attend.
All pooses are invited to stay at the castle.

We will be leaving for Italy tonight. George Clooney has invited us to stay with him this weekend. This will give
Miss Lucy Fur and myself time to prepare for the party. Boo will be too busy with George to notice. We will not be able to visit many blogs over the weekend.

Hope to see you all in Monaco! Just think of all the wonderful jewelry we can pilfer um, cough... i mean see.

ciao ciao


Steve Martin at the Casino Calamari Tonight!

We are bored with all this rain. Time to have a real party.

Come celebrate Steve Martin's birthday with us at the Casino Calamari.

It will be a wild and crazy time!
Nip-brownies, nip-tinis and an all you can eat munchie bar.

Time to get small!

See you there
The Pooses for Peace



We would like to send a bouquet of poose blossoms and a round of nip-tinis as a thank you to our friends at our cat pictures for featuring Nubi and his acupuncture session. Please visit their site and say hi.

Please forgive us for not being able to visit and say hi to everyone. The pet human is very busy lately and she said she does not have time for luxuries like posting on cat blogs. (I can only say that we feel it is not a luxury but her responsibility to post!)

We hope to visiting real soon. Thanks for all the lovely messages and purrs.

ciao ciao


We're back!

We are back from touring with the Eagles. Wow! Pink champagne on ice ! In the long run we really did have a peaceful easy feeling. Though at one point we heard a rumor that... you can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave! (sound of guitar wailing in the background)

Thanks to all those pooses who attended the concerts and the parties.

Nubi is feeling much better and back to being a poose-head. Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses? As you can see i am sniffing him to make sure. He smells like stinky Chinese herbs to me. (Please do not mistake this as a kiss.)

We have not been able to visit blogs this week. (Just leave a message maybe i'll call.)The pet human is working extra and has moved the mac up into the attic office which have been unbearably hot. She said it is like typing in a sauna. We are hoping the weather cools down and she chills out soon.

Have a great weekend and thanks again for all the healing purrs! We will be planning Boo's surprise party real soon. All pooses will be invited. It is going to be quite the bash too!

ciao ciao
people say i'm crazy but it takes all my time...........