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We would like to send a bouquet of poose blossoms and a round of nip-tinis as a thank you to our friends at our cat pictures for featuring Nubi and his acupuncture session. Please visit their site and say hi.

Please forgive us for not being able to visit and say hi to everyone. The pet human is very busy lately and she said she does not have time for luxuries like posting on cat blogs. (I can only say that we feel it is not a luxury but her responsibility to post!)

We hope to visiting real soon. Thanks for all the lovely messages and purrs.

ciao ciao


The Meezers said...

the "busy" excuse is inexcusable. generally that means they don't want to share their jello shots with you

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We have been hearing the busy thing too--in fact all our August posts have been pre written as she is covering for another practitioner... and now she is going to gain weight because she is starving even though she is eating well but it's like she can't ever get enough probably because she is putting too much energy out.

And in fact she can no longer tell if a sentence is complete or run or or what.

Lux said...

Nice to hear from you! I hate that "busy" word ...