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Still In Switzerland

Ciao ciao!

We are still in Switzerland, recovering from some plastic surgery and tummy tucks ...i mean the stress of life. We all are going to look fabulous when we return to the states!

Everyone had such a wonderful time at Boo's party. We would like to thank all of you. If you did not attend please do read the posts below for details.

My pet human does not seem concerned about my blog. I feel it should be her most important priority...however she feels that working as much as she can is more important. And that is all she has been doing... well she worries a lot too, so there is not much time for anything else. I think she needs to re-watch The Secret, or take a vacation.

Also there is the small dilemma that the iMac is now in the "office" in the attic and it has been very hot up there. It is not good for the computer and we have been unable to visit blogs that have lots of stuff on them.

The pet human also claims there are ghost in the attic and is scared to be up there after 7:00pm. I think we have been living in Salem too long!

Have a wonderful weekend. We will try to visit. ... if we do not please understand!

ciao ciao
zevo & the pooses for peace


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Perhaps you need to send your human to Switzerland?

I think I need to drag mine out of work too. Of course, life will settle down to something more normal next week but still...

Mickey said...

I'm sure you will look fabulous when you come back ;) I can't wait to see you :)
I am sorry your Mom is stressed and scared of the attic!
I think maybe she needs to be in Switzerland with you!!! A rest would most likely help her :) Also you can purr on her too!!
Purrs Mickey

The Meezers said...

maybe your human should try and teach the ghosts to run the computer so that the ghost can help with you blog!!!

Or she should just drink some tequila and forget about the ghosts.

Lux said...

Aw, Switzerland ... have a wonderful time!

ZOOLATRY said...

A ghost in the attic? Fierce or friendly?

Mickey said...

How are you and your Mom doing?
I hope all is well :)
Purrs Mickey