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Happy New Year!

You are all invited to celebrate the beginning of 2008 with us at The Casino Calamari. Our opening act will be will be Liza Minnelli, which was a special request from our newest Pooses for Peace member, Dude the Bird Dog. Bruce and the E Street Band will follow.

Al Gore will do the countdown to 2008 this year. To avoid the paparazzi, we will not make public the other celebrities who are attending

Please hire legal substitute pooses to fill in for you.

We wish you all a very happy 2008. May this coming year bring peace, joy and love!


Shocking News for Huckabee


More shocking news came yesterday for the Huckabee campaign. Dude, the Bird Dog has formally announced his resignation as Huckabee's hunting partner (who did all the real work anyway). Most upsetting to Mr. Huckabee was that Dude joined The Pooses for Peace an organization which endorses peace, no war and presidential candidate Cheysuli .

In his statement to the press, Dude the Bird Dog said " I am so happy to finally be out of that horrid camouflage gear and those nasty chains. I have admired the work The Pooses for Peace has been doing and proud to be a part of it. After all, isn't that what Jesus would do? Oh... do you think they will give me my own tiara? I do hope that Zevo keeps her promise and invites Liza Minneli to the New Years Eve Bash."

There has been no comment by the Huckabee campaign.




Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is the latest victim of a Bite & Run attack.

The former Arkansas governor, surprised the rest of GOP field with his front-runner status here, was the first candidate to hold an event the day after Christmas. Surrounded by about a dozen reporters, as he went shooting, with Dude, his 3-year-old bird dog, and two friends, at his side.

In the first half hour, Huckabee, and friends shot three birds. Their last shot flew over the heads of reporters.

Moments later Huckabee and friends were attacked by several cats wearing tiaras, black leather and one holding a light saber. All three men are in stable condition at an undisclosed hospital. Dude the bird dog was seen leaving with the cats.

Unconfirmed sources report this is the work of the infamous Pooses for Peace Bite and Run Brigade.

Spokes-poose Zevo Calamari issued a statement following the accusation. " It was imperative to bring attention to the American people that voting for Huckabee is like putting Elmer Fudd in the White House. Could some one please bring me a shot of tequila, i have the most putrid taste in my mouth"


My pet human is gone for a few more days. I decided to stay here in San Diego instead of visiting Zevo in Salem for is way too cold there. Of course she is begging me to come to the New Years Eve party at the Casino Calamari. I suppose i should since i am part owner.

I will have to talk Miss Lucy Fur into coming with me. She has a knack for stealing borrowing those poose sized miniature liquor samples they use on the plane. Poor Lucy is back on her meds. Her pet humans are getting.... a German Shepherd puppy soon. The nerve of them. (Of course Zevo does not know this but i heard a rumor her pet humans are also thinking about getting one.) Hope this is not an epidemic. My pet human knows better than to even think about such a thing.

Hmmm..........I wonder if Donatella will loan me a few outfits for the trip? I read that wearing Versace on New Years Eve brings good fortune for the new year.

Time to nap in the SoCal sun.........


Happy Boxing Day!

Out of all the wonderful toys, gifts and trinkets we received for Christmas... this ribbon was our favorite!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We will be napping for the next few days...... must rest up for the New Years Eve Gala at Casino Calamari!

Of course all pooses are invited. We will announce the special guests later this week. Until then catch up on your naps.



December 25th, 2007

Madonna and Zevo
by Raphael

At the Louvre
Paris France

We wish you all a Merry Christmas
and a
Happy Birthday Jimmy Buffett!


A Festivus for the Rest of Us!

We will be celebrating Festivus tonight at The Casino Calamari. The erecting of the pole will be at 7:00 pm. The reading of grievances will be followed by the Feats of Strength. The entire Seinfeld cast will be our special guests.

Here are a few excerpts from the list of grievances:

We want a full time staff member to post on our blog and visit other pooses blogs every day.

Our catnip needs are not met here.
All of us!

We want more stinky junk food not this organic crap they keep insisting we eat.
zevo and nubi

More birdie toys and a new light saber or else.
nubi wan kenobi

We insist on more Versace, Jimmy Choo and Manolos.
zevo, boo and lucy fur

We demand more Natty Boh, hon.
Also why does the new baby with the big feet get all the attention now?
tao and sarge

I am tired of being blamed for all those missing earrings.
miss boo

I am over taking those meds.
miss lucy fur

I demand more wicker to chew on and more beer.

Pooses for Peace List of Grievances:

Why hasn't Dick Cheney been impeached?
click here to help impeach him!

Selfish Chimp in the White House.

Spineless democrats giving the chimp more money for a war.

Loss of our civil rights.

Walmart, McDonalds and Fox News.

Celebrities who wear fur.... well anyone who wears a dead animal for the sake of fashion.

Why can't humans just be nice to one another and stop all the fighting?


It's Party TIme!

Join us for the entire weekend at Casino Calamari! With the money we made selling those diamond earrings on Ebay um i mean... shoveling snow all week.... there will be plenty of nip, margaritas and tasty stinky food for all!

Tonight we will celebrate Solstice by decorating our tree and a few ceremonial dances. Pagan pooses are welcome to join in this festivity.

We will also be celebrating end of Zappadan
Yes it is a real holiday! For all of those who are not familiar with this holiday it begins on December 4th and ends on Frank Zappa's birthday December 21st. (Frank passed away on December 4, 1993..and our pet human took it very hard since it was her birthday)

Sunday we will have our annual Festivus party. Please bring your list of grievances. The erecting of the Pole will start at 7:00 pm followed by the Feats of Strengths.

Remember to hire legal poose substitutes. We don't need that pesky Lou Dobbs bad mouthing us again on CNN!

Happy Solstice!
Merry Zappadan!



What earrings? What are you talking about? Diane WHOstein? huh?

I am under here because i am very busy and important. Now go away and do not tell anyone you saw me. Oh.... while you are here how about bringing me some nip and a tuna roll.....

Miss Boo


Feinstein Loses Telecom Earrings

Senator Diane Feinstein has called for an investigation on the whereabouts of the diamond hooped earrings she wore during Senator Dodd's filibuster on Monday. Unconfirmed sources report that the earring were a gift from a Telecom corporation.

The Senator is also demanding that The Pooses for Peace replace the plus size Leggs Control-top pantyhose that she also wore that day.

Pooses for Peace Spookes-poose issued a statement, "What earrings? What pantyhose?"

In other related DC news:

A brief fire broke out Wednesday morning inside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is adjacent to the White House, but no one was injured and the fire was contained.

Firefighters were forced to break windows in the historic building. It appeared that several offices were gutted on the second floor near the ceremonial office of the vice president, but the fire did not appear to have spread to other floors.
Vice President Dick Cheney was not in the building at the time of the fire.

Firefighters found tequila bottles and cuban cigars in the room the fire started. No suspects have been named.


VICTORY...for now

Chris Dodd thanks the Pooses for Peace
Bite & Run Brigade

Sen. Dodd’s courageous FISA filibuster stand-off yesterday was a victory. Harry Reid pulled the Telecom immunity off the table.... for now.

Unconfirmed sources over heard that Harry Reid was terrified of the number of cats running through the Senate chambers during the filibuster nipping at ankles, knees and fingers. Diane Feinstien left the chambers with several runs and holes in her stockings.

Spokes-poose Zevo Calamari released a statement after the filibuster, "We intend to be persistent in protecting the basic civil rights of the citizens of the United States. Could someone please get me a shot of tequila to get this awful taste out of my mouth? Diane Feinstien was wearing cheap perfume..... bluuuuuuaaaakk...."

In his closing speech Dodd vowed to filibuster again in January if telecom amnesty is still part of the FISA legislation. He also promised to make the Pooses for Peace Bite and Run Brigade a part of the next filibuster.

We woudl like to thank all the pooses who volunteered for Bite and Run duty. For all the pet humans who called their Senators about this matter we thank you. We will keep you posted on this matter.

Viva la revolucion'
The Pooses for Peace


Emergency Session of Poose Congress Called

An emergency session of Poose Congress was called today in order to aid Senator Chris Dodd on his filibuster of the FISA/telecom immunity act, after Harry Reid turned to the dark side to allow a debate to grant telecom companies immunity for illegally spying on US citizens. The cats will help field questions to Senator Dodd and turn pages for him as he reads the constitution.

The Pooses for Peace will also attend the session. These cats will aid Senator Dodd with Bite and Run patrols to insure that he succeeds.

The Pooses for Peace have already issued a warning to Harry Reid, "No immunity for those telecom companies that illegally spied on us...... or else!" Senator Reid has not commented on this threat.

If your pet humans are concerned about the illegal spying on US citizens and do not want the telecom companies to get away with it... have them call their senators to support Chris Dodd. Click on for more info.


Jimmy Buffett Snowed In at Casino Calamari

Salem, MA

Unconfirmed sources report that Jimmy Buffett is snowed in at the Casino Calamari in Salem , MA due to a Nor-easter that hit New England late Saturday Night.

Salem Police have been called in due to the loud singing and noise coming from the Casino. Cats wearing coconut bras, grass skirts and leis invited the police to join the party. Mayor Kimberly Driscoll denies all reports of Salem Police drinking margaritas and sporting grass skirts. At this time the music and noise continues. Police cars are still parked outside the Casino.

Sing along with Jimmy and the Coral Poose Reefer Band

Boat drinks
Boys in the band ordered boat drinks
Visitors scored on the home rink
Everything seems to be wrong

Lately, newspaper mentioned cheap air fare
I gotta to fly to saint somewhere
Im close to bodily harm

Twenty degrees and the hockey games on
Nobody cares they are way too far gone
Screamin boat drinks, something to keep em all warm

This mornin, I shot six holes in my freezer
I think I got cabin fever
Somebody sound the alarm

Id like to go where the pace of lifes slow
Could you beam me somewhere mr. scott?
Any ol place here on earth or in space
You pick the century and Ill pick the spot

Oh I know, (I know)
I should be leaving this climate
I got a verse but cant rhyme it
I gotta go where its warm

Boat drinks
Waitress I need two more boat drinks
Then Im headin south fore my dream shrinks

I gotta go where its warm (I gotta go where its warm)
I gotta go where its warm (I gotta go where its warm)
I gotta go where its warm!

I gotta go where there aint any snow
Where there aint any blow
cause my fin sinks so low
I gotta go where its warm


Baby it's cold outside!

This is the view from our back window. We are going to stay in this weekend and nap. More snow and ice is on its way.

So happy we stocked up on nip, tequila and margarita mix............I think i saw a polar bear in the back yard........

Sing along with Jimmy Buffett "Waitress i need two more boat drinks."




Associated Press
New York, New York

Today hordes of cats dressed in black leather, some wearing tiaras, and one in a Jedi robe with light saber descended upon the Olsen twins while they were walking down Fifth Avenue wearing fur, drinking Red Bulls and smoking. The shrills of skinny girls shrieking filled Manhattan. Although there was not much to bite, the stick insects twins were rushed to a nearby hospital and are said to be in stable condition. One was seen munching on tic tacs for dinner.

Spokes poose of The Bite & Run Brigade, Zevo Calamari has sent out a warning to all celebrities who wear fur that they may be next.

In another related story about the Olsen Twins:

PETA has created a new campaign, singling out "Trollsen Twins" Hairy-Kate and Trashley as Animal Kingdom Enemies Number One for wearing pelts and including 'em in their collections Elizabeth and James and the Row.

"No one would argue that Mary-Kate and Ashley could use some meat on their bones, but the last thing they need is hair on their backs," PETA's Assistant Director of Youth Campaigns Dan Shannon said in a statement released today.


Ok.... so we are being petition pests this week. Not only do the Pooses for Peace care about Peace..but we also care about our friends the Polar Bears. Please help them by having your pet humans sign the card that is being sent to the White House. We need so many more signatures to make a difference.

Help give polar bears the gift of a future on our planet by signing this Holiday SOS Card to President Bush in support of their protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Please add your name to the card right now --
because the polar bear can't wait. Within the next 30 days, the Bush Administration will either throw polar bears a lifeline -- or condemn them to extinction.

Without urgently needed protection, all of Alaska's polar bears could be extinct in less than 50 years -- along with two-thirds of the world's entire polar bear population.

But there is still hope if the Bush Administration takes action now.

That's why we are asking you -- and everyone who cares about polar bears -- to help us add 100,000 signatures to this Polar Bear Holiday SOS Card. When you do, you'll be sending President Bush a message loud and clear during this holiday season: Save Polar Bears Now!

All we are saying is GIVE POLARS BEARS A CHANCE!
Pooses for Peace



Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of John Lennon. In memory of his words "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE" we have posted this urgent message.

As you have probably figured out by now we are a progressive cat blog dedicated to promoting peace. We are urging all of you to ask your pet humans to read this important information and email their Senators concerning it. Together we can make a difference.


As most members of the Senate and the House are preparing to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace with their loved ones, they are about to vote to fund more death and destruction.

In a complete capitulation to Bush and the Republican war machine, Congress is expected to vote on Monday, December 10, to approve continued funding for the occupation of Iraq with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

We're fed up.

Though time is short, peace activists are mobilizing to make our voice heard yet again. Choose which works best for you and your district from the following tactics and please, act quickly:
Send an email to your senators and representative that says “Peace is Possible, if you vote NO.

• Flood both your senators and representatives with phone calls through the Capitol Hill switchboard (202-224-3121) with this message: “Vote NO to any funding for the occupation of Iraq that does not require the rapid withdrawal of all U.S. troops and contractors.”

Perhaps it will take the ROAR of Pooses for Peace for Congress to wake up!
All we are saying... is give peace a chance!


Bill O'Reilly Bit!

O’Reilly: Progressive blog readers = ‘devil worshippers.’

On Fox News yesterday, Bill O’Reilly let loose on “far-left websites” like DailyKos, stating, “If you read these far-left websites, you’re a devil worshipper. You are.” O’Reilly’s ombudsman responded, “As a journalist, you know better than that.” O’Reilly shot back: “Satan is running the DailyKos. Yes, he is! and Satan is also behind the blog The Adventures of Zevo Calamari and Boo. Those cats certainly are devil worshipping liberal heathens. "

After Bill O announced his lists of devil worshipping blogs, he claims that a herd of cats wearing black leather, rhinestoned devil horns and carrying pitchforks attacked him. Unconfirmed sources report that Mr O'Reilly is in stable condition at an undisclosed hospital.

There is no word on who the suspects are yet. Cameras at Fox were turned off right before the attack.
FOX NEWS has reported it is the work of the Pooses for Peace Bite and Run Brigade. Authorities are still investigating the Bite & Run attack on Rudy Giuliani earlier in the week.


Back in San Diego

It is good to be back in San Diego. Salem was getting much too cold for me. I do not know how Zevo and Nubi tolerate it.

There were so many parties these past few weeks. I look a little ragged. So i am taking a few days off to catch up on my reading and beauty rest. Miss Lucy Fur and i may go to the Golden Door Spa later this week for a spa day. The holidays are just around the corner and we want to look extra beautiful for all those parties.

Oh.... my organic catnip tea is here.
Ciao ciao,


Whew! Once again it was such a fun party. My pet human had a great birthday. Doing shots of Strega with Steve Martin was a hoot! He can sure play a mean banjo. (We hid our pet human's banjo so she would not be tempted to play along!)

Today is Walt Disney's birthday. Our pet human insisted that i wear these mouse ears in honor of her hero. ..ahhhh the things we do to make our humans happy!

M I C see ya real soon
K E Y why? because we like you



princess calamari's

Surprise Birthday Bash

tonight 8 pm-?

special guest
Steve Martin

Wine and Strega shots


Back to Earth

Whew! We are so hung over........What a great party. Thanks to all who attended. You all looked fabulous and who knew that all of you could dance so well to Ewok music?

Zevo wore her Princess Leia slave girl outfit. Boo wore a versace space suit and looked stunning even though she left her Jimmy Choos back on Earth. We were happy that Miss Lucy Fur is back on her meds and was the hit of the party. Bubba is such a lady's man.... what a flirt. Tao and Sarge were kind enough to bring cases of Natty Boh in case we ran out of Coronas.

Thank you for all the gifts and birthday wishes. We need to nap and recover from the space travel and the tequila. Tomorrow is our pet human's birthday and we are planning a surprise party for her at the Casino Calamari. Steve Martin will be performing. You are all invited. This time we will be serving wine and shots of Strega.

Oh... for those of you who attended her party last year please note that we hid her banjo so she will not annoy us play it.

Could someone turn out the lights and bring us some ginger ale and asprin?


Happy Birthday Nubi wan Kenobi

From the Forest Moon of Endor.......
This party is out of this world!

May the Force be with you!



This just in the CNN SITUATION ROOM ......

A spaceship resembling The Millennium Falcon was seen taking off over Nevada's Area 51 early this morning.
An tourist has claimed to have seen two droids, a wookie and hordes of cats wearing tiaras, jedi robes and carrying light sabers boarding the ship before take off. Some were carrying cases of Corona beer and Jose Cuervo.

The US Air Force denies that any activity has taken place at Area 51. The tourist who reported the incident has been taken to a detention facility for interrogation mental hospital for treatment.

Rumors are flying around the blog-o-sphere that the infamous Pooses for Peace Bite & Run Brigade were off to a birthday party for Jedi Poose, Nubi wan Kenobi which will be held on the forest moon of Endor.

OUR NEXT STORY.....Authorities are still searching for clues on the Bite & Run attack on Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani yesterday.
Stay tuned.....


Breaking News

This just in ........

Rudy Giuliani is the latest victim of a Bite & Run attack this morning. Rudy was bit while dodging questions about mob affiliations, travel expenses and illegal immigration. Unconfirmed sources claim to have seen a herd of cats dressed in black, a few wearing tiaras and one sporting a jedi robe running from the scene. Mr. Giuliani is in stable condition at an undisclosed hospital.

We at Fox News... a Fair and Balanced news source, are certain it was the work of those liberal cats known as Pooses for Peace. Most probably they are illegal aliens and have ties with terrorist groups.... as all liberal anti-Americans do.

Coming up next........ Unusual activity at Area 51 in Nevada.


Home Sweet Home

We had so much fun playing hide and go seek with Homeland Security last week, but that can get so boring. Those guys really need to get a sense of humor.

Though Salem is a funky little town, it is good to be back home. We missed our pet humans, even if they are a little strange. At least they gave us turkey for Thanksgiving..... they had nachos and margaritas instead of the traditional Thanksgiving day feast.

Boo and Lucy Fur are back in San Diego. Bubba spent Thanksgiving in Florida, and Tao and Sarge were forced to babysit this past weekend in Baltimore.

We all need some rest before Nubi's birthday party this weekend........ it is a surprise. shhhhhhhh
I will have the invites ready later this week. Get ready for an OUT of this world party!

Time for a nap


Tonight at The Casino Calamari we have few very special guests. .....The Singing Nuns.

The Sisters of Perpetual Holy Cheese in Switzerland arranged for us to travel incognito back to the USA with the Singing Nuns. I must say we all looked very dignified in those habits and veils. Walking by Homeland Security humming Dominique was a breeze! I think these nun costumes may come in handy again.

Mother Superior of the Perpetual Holy Cheese Convent had a long talk with Miss Lucy Fur and advised her not to take vows, as she would have to give up wearing her tiara ..among other things. She also urged her to begin taking her medication as soon as possible.

We would like to thank the Sisters for all their help and the great cheese and wine.

The Pooses for Peace


The First Thanksgiving

On the first Thanksgiving, stow-away pooses aboard the Mayflower held a feast with the Indian pooses who befriended them when they entered this new land. Together they smoked the peace pipe, drank rum and danced to the beat of the native drums. Unlike their human counterparts, the English pooses remained friends with their new Indian friends and respected their customs and their land.

Today pooses in America celebrate this day with a feast, rum and an occasional toke on the peace-pipe while watching the Macy's Day parade in hopes of seeing the Cat in the Hat balloon.

We wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

This season pooses encourage their pet owners to stay home and shop in their pjs at The Planet Calamari Shop


Entertainment Tonight

Rumors are flying! Is it true that celebrity cat Miss Lucy Fur is once again off her medication and is about to join a convent?

Our sources tell us that Miss Lucy Fur just found out that her pet human is thinking about getting.... a puppy. Not just any puppy, but a German Shepherd. And to make matters worse the pet human has a grandchild who will be staying for Thanksgiving.

Other sources claim that Miss Lucy Fur is grief stricken that her boyfriend the Royal Corgie dumped her last week for a poodle.

CIA agents believe that the celebrity cats known as The Pooses for Peace have been in hiding from Homeland Security at a convent run by The Sisters of Perpetual Holy Cheese, in Switzerland. The convent was searched yesterday by agents and they could not find any trace of the cats. However one agent claims to have seen a short nun wearing a tiara under her habit.

The Sisters of Perpetual Holy Cheese refused to comment on whether the cats are under their protection or if Miss Lucy Fur will soon become Sister Mary Lucy Fur.

Stay tuned for more on this story.

Next after the break.....Britney Spears loses her keys.


A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown!

Associated Press

CIA agents attempted to investigate reports of the renegade cats known as The Pooses for Peace wanted by Homeland Security. Authorities believe the cats are hiding at a convent run by The Sisters of Perpetual Holy Cheese.

Unconfirmed sources claim to have heard the nuns singing "How do you solve a problem like Zevo" after the CIA agents left the convent. No cats were found.

Mysteriously the agents' vechicles were unable to start. Someone had stolen the batteries and unplugged the cables. One CIA agent has reported that his sunglasses are now missing.

The whereabouts of these cats remains unknown.


soft and white... clean and bright.......

Associated Press
Salzburg, Austria

Last night's final performance at the Salzburg Music Festival ended with a standing ovation, a chase scene and the song Edelweiss floating through the mountain air.

Authorities are baffled by the appearance of a group of singing cats, who called themselves The Von Trapp Poose Singers. They were dressed in costumes made from what appeared to be fabric from hotel drapes. Three were also wearing tiaras.

The cats sang Edelweiss as their last song. The audience sang along with tears in their eyes. After the third standing ovation the cats were no where to be found. Unconfirmed sources believe these cats are the infamous Pooses for Peace Bite and Run Brigade and are wanted by US Homeland Security.

The cats were seen fleeing over the mountains to a nearby convent on the border of Switzerland.

Visit The Planet Calamari Shop


Climb every mountain.......

Some of you may have heard that The Pooses for Peace have been implicated in the "reporter ham whapping plot " which you can read more about at Cheysuli's blog

We thought this would be a good time to take a vacation to a neutral country and lay low. Besides, this way we can catch up with our bankers and redo this blog. Our blog slave will be adding the kitty blog roll very soon. Please be patient, she has an antique mac.

Have a great weekend!
The Pooses for Peace

p.s. The hills are alive.... with the sound of pooses..........

Senator Lucy Fur Scolds Hillary and Obama

I am Senator Lucy Fur and i am asking.....No.... i am telling you both to knock it off. You will stop the name calling, the blame game, and the mud slinging. And you will both answer the questions directly without dancing around the real answer.

If this childish behavior continues during your campaign i will be forced to send in the Bite and Run Brigade.....and need i remind you what happened to Rummy, Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales when they met the brigade? You should both know you don't stand a chance to win against the Pooses for Peace favorite candidate Cheysuli

Now in the words of Loretta Castorini, "SNAP OUT OF IT!"

This message by Senator Lucy Fur has been brought to you by The Art for Peace Shop to see peaceful art on clothing and other holiday gifts.

Visit The Planet Calamari Shop


Poose Alert...Save the Whales!

Pooses for Peace support the Pro-Life for all Whales and sea friends movement.
Please help our large friends by having your pet humans sign this petition.

"Endangered right whales should not have to die for military practice. Please help protect them."

James Taylor

The U.S. Navy wants to put a training range for lethal mid-frequency sonar next to a key migratory route for endangered right whales -- off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Click here and tell the Navy not to put its proposed sonar range next to the right whale's migratory route.


Tonight On David Letterman...... Jedi Poose Nubi wan Kenobi! Musical guest Moby.

Tonights Top Ten list by Nubi Wan Kenobi












Coming up next ..... Musical guest Moby ....Stay tuned!

Visit Art for Peace to see peaceful art on clothing and other holiday gifts.

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Thank you Kitty Limericks!

Wow! Were we all surprised and honored to to be featured on the the past few days. Our pet human has been under the weather and not helping us read other blogs all week. We are hoping she makes more time for blogging soon.

Thank you so much Ms. Karen Jo....
What a nice treat! You are now an honorary member of the Pooses for Peace and will have the protection of The Bite Patrol.

Here are the wonderful limericks by Miss Karen Jo

Nubi Wan Kenobi
Nubee Wan Kenobi is a Jedi kitty.
When he waves his light-saber, it's really pretty.
Get out of the way
When he enters the fray,
'Cause he leads the Bite and Run Committee.

Miss Boo
It is so much fun to party with Boo,
But wear cheap earrings whenever you do.
They may disappear,
Right off of your ear,
If you wear diamond earrings to party with Boo.

Zevo Calamari
Zevo Calamari has a lot of class.
She bit Karl Rove right on the -- ask
Karl Rove just where
The teeth laid him bare.
Then three kitties in black ran off through the grass.

Visit Art for Peace to see peaceful art on clothing and other holiday gifts.


Something to talk about

Associated Press
Pembroke Pines, Florida

Police with military helicopters were called into a small trailer park on Saturday night after several complaints of loud music and drunk cats dancing on mobile-home rooftops. Unconfirmed sources claim that singer Bonnie Raitt and her band showed up at the party unannounced. Raitt will also be performing this week in the area and is said to be BFF with the celebrity cats known as the Pooses for Peace. Miss Raitt performed her famous hit song written by friend John Prine, "Poose Angel From Montgomery" The chorus sung by cats could be heard in the next county.

"Make me an poose angel that flies from montgomery
Make me a poster of an old rodeo
Just give me one thing that I can hold on to
To believe in this living is just a hard way to go"

Florida authorities are also looking for any connection to the mysterious Bite & Run attack during the confirmation of Attorney General Mukasey last week. The Pooses for Peace have not been formally charged or or listed as suspects as there was no evidence left at the scene. All security cameras at the time of the Bite & Run were shut off and all that was left were gloved paw prints.

The only comment Miss Raitt gave to reporters about her association with the rebel cats was "Well there is something to talk about..."

This morning Miss Raitt was seen wearing pajamas, drinking a Bloody Mary sitting on a wicker chair that had been chewed by Bubba the cat. Hung over cats were seen sleeping all over the park.

Poose-cam in Florida brought to you by Visit The Planet Calamari Shop



I am Wolf Blitzer and welcome to the Situation Room.

Last night the senate confirmed Michael Mukasey as the new Attorney General.
Mukasey's confirmation came after an emotional debate over his refusal during Senate hearings to call the interrogation technique that simulates drowning 'torture'. Key Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, argued that was enough reason to oppose the nomination.

Immediately after the confirmation of Mr. Mukasey all 53 of the Senators who voted for Mukasey, as well as the new attorney general were simultaneously bit by cats wearing tiaras, jedi robes, flip flops and beach attire. Screams and obscenities were heard several miles away.

All victims of this Bite And Run remain in stable condition at Walter Reed Hospital.

A note was found by police that said "Certainly if water-boarding is not torture, then neither is biting. Shame on all of you."

All cats escaped the scene of the crime immediately and no suspects have been named. Unconfirmed sources claim the cats were on their way to a party in Florida.

Stay tune for more on CNN.
Coming up next... Britney Spears spills her coffee.

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Party at Bubba's

Hey everyone, Bubba here.....

Since Zevo and Nubi's pet humans still have cooties i have invited them down for the weekend. They could use some Florida sunshine and they need to get away from those infected humans. Carrying trays of chinese herbs and miso soup can really wear a poose out.

Boo and Lucy Fur are tired of breathing burnt ash from the SoCal fires so i invited them too. And since i invited them, i had to invite Tao and Sarge who need to get away from that crying baby with the big feet.

Officially this is a party. Of course since those celebrity pooses will be here we will have to have good beer and margaritas. I will have to think of a way to make sure my pet human goes out this weekend.

Everyone is invited.
B.Y.O.N. bring your own nip

Party on dude,

Visit The Planet Calamari Shop


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Whew.... i am exhausted. Nursing those humans back to health is so much work. Bringing trays of ginger tea, echinacea drops, Wellness formula, stinky Chinese herbs, tissues and miso soup has worn me out.

Nubi was not much help. He decided to nap with the humans instead of pulling his weight, (which is gaining by the day...hint... hint)

I have decided to take the rest of the day off. Please turn the lights out .....and oh could someone cover me.


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Casino Calamari will be closed this weekend
due to the nor-easter storm
and the cold cooties our pet humans have been infected with.


El Dia de los Muertos

Salem, MA

The Ghostbusters have been called into Salem today as complaints flooded the local police department after a seance last night at the Casino Calamari. Unconfirmed sources report that the ghost of Frida Kahlo, Doctor Dolittle and a few cats who claimed to have belonged to Nathaniel Hawthorne have been spotted spooking tourists.

The Casino Calamari, owned by celebrity cats Zevo Calamari, Miss Boo and Lucy Fur, all native San Diegans claim that it is part of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration and that the spirits mean no harm.

A Dia de los Muertos fiesta will be held tonight and tomorrow to honor all those loved ones who passed on .

For more information on The Day of the Dead traditions please visit


Salem, MA
Thousands of tourists, hordes of cats and celebrities have been flooding into Salem the past few days to celebrate Halloween.

Mayor Kimberly Driscoll has called for police reinforcements from surrounding cities for tonight. Extra security has also been brought in for the Annual Poose Witch Ball. This event is invitation only. Invitees are picked by the celebrity cats known as the Gatti della Strega (the Witch Cats). Last year the mayor was said to have fainted at the sight of Captain Jack Sparrow and claims her earrings were stolen by the cats.

This year the mayor was not invited . When asked why the mayor was snubbed, Spokes-poose Zevo Calamari replied "She can go hang out at that tacky carnival with those carnies that she forced on the city of Salem. Afterwards she can watch the fireworks over the wrecking yard."

Unconfirmed sources have reported seeing George Clooney , Julia Roberts and the cast of the Rocky Horror Show dining at In A Pig's Eye. Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock were spotted shopping at The Cat, The Crow, and The Crown, run by the official witch of Salem, Laurie Cabot . Oprah and her entourage bought several bottles of Castano wine at Pamplemouse. The remaining cast of Bewitched, led by Doctor Bombay was seen in a chartered Salem Red Trolley Tour Bus on the way to the House of Seven Gables.


Salem Haunted Happenings

Salem, Massachusetts
Haunted Happenings Event Schedule

Strega Zevo Calamari will be reading paws and the tarot every night at the Hawthorne Hotel in the haunted room. Please call for reservations. Strega Zevo Calamari is known as the psychic to the stars and has consulted with celebrities, diplomats and royalty. (Unfortunately some of those such as Britney Spears, Rosie O'Donnell and the mayor of Salem have not heeded her warnings of crash and burn syndrome.)

Madam Booooooooooo will be conducted ghost tours through out Salem each evening at 9pm. Only the brave of heart should dare to walk with her as she takes you through the graveyards, haunted houses and the finale.... the House of the Seven Gables to meet the ghost of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Nubi Wan Kenobi, The official Black Cat of Salem will be signing autographs at the Witch Museum daily. Bubba the cat will be performing magic tricks also.

Join The Countess Lucy Fur On the haunted tall ship
The Friendship for an evening of spook-tac-ular ghost stories.

Visit Tao and Sarge's Natty Boh and Tuna cake stand in The Salem Commons for a tasty treat.

The Annual Poose Witch Ball
will be held at The Casino Calamari
on Halloween Night from 10pm- ?
Costumes are mandatory. Call 1-800-boo-zevo for tickets.

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It is mandatory that we all dress in costume for the next week since we live in Salem, MASS.

I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and purrs for all our friends in Southern California. Our pet humans are relieved that their families and loved ones are all safe... and that is all that matters right now.

We are sorry we have not been able to visit everyones' blogs. We were glued to the KPBS site waiting for news of the fires.

Boo and Lucy Fur are safe and flew in from San Diego last night and they are both here at the Casino Calamari for our Halloween Gala. Bubba is flying in from Florida this weekend and Tao and Sarge will also join us. The party starts tonight and ends on midnight November 1.

All pooses are invited. Costumes are mandatory!
bring your own nip

Zevo Calamari
aka Countess Von Poosula

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Send in the Rain

We have decided to take matters into our own paws. .... and have hired a Native American to dance the rain dance for southern California.

Visualize rain. Nap for rain. Pray for rain.

We need a miracle.....NOW!

Sending healing thoughts to all who are in Southern California.

zevo and The Pooses for Peace

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Calling from Dante's Inferno

Zevo..... please call me, but use the landline since the cell phones are not working here. My pet human will not let me outside. She said it is too dangerous.

Most of San Diego is burning down and the fire drives coyotes into the city. It looks like the end of the world. .....this is scary stuff.

I am so worried about all the animals who have not been evacuated. And i am really worried about all those poor pooses at the Wild Animal Park. Please have everyone send good thoughts and purrs to all in need.

Poor Lucy Fur and i were supposed to go shopping today..... i guess the malls are closed too. Maybe you can get us a red-eye flight to Salem for the weekend? We would rather be there with you celebrating Halloween than burning in hell.

Pray for rain. Pray for snow.

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My pet human is walking today in the Save the Ta Ta's Walk. ...well that is what her pink shirt said. I am so proud of her. She has been very brave these past few months. I am a lucky poose to have such a great pet human....even if she does scream at me when i chew the wicker chairs.

Sending healing purrs and lots of pink sparkles today


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Napping for World Peace

In honor of the His Holiness, The Dali Lama being awarded a Congressional Gold Medal we will are calling pooses around the world to Nap for World Peace today.


Pooses for Peace

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Cat's Bill of Rights

Boo asked that we post this!

Cats are animals (who) know what their rights are.
-Eli Khamorov

I am the cat, & I have certain inalienable rights:
I have the right to walk over your face anytime I wish, day or night.
I have the right to observe & comment on any & all bathroom behavior.
Further, I have the right to be highly offended by any closed door.
I have the right to smell your shoes to determine if you have been fraternizing
or cavorting or frolicking with any highly questionable animals.
I have the right to assist in any food preparation, cooking, cleaning, or eating
event that may occur in the home.
I have the right to wake you at 3:00 in the morning if I find my food dish is not
to my satisfaction.
I have the right to tip over any water container I deem unsuitable for
I have the right to curse at squirrels & birds that may dare to pass my
I have the right to inspect any grocery items that come into the home. Further,
I have the right to inhabit any paper bag or cardboard box that you bring
home for as long as I wish.
I have the right to nap at any time & place I darn well please, without the
distraction of being called or moved just because you want to sit down, wash
your hands or use your computer keyboard.
I have the right to sleep on top of any appliance that is warm.
I have the right to assist in any changing of bed linens & to chase the phantom
creatures that hide beneath the sheets.
I have the right to look aloof when scolded for mistaking your toes for one of
those pesky phantom creatures that hide beneath the sheets.
I have the right to kill paper towel rolls that otherwise might sneak up on you at
I have the right to your complete attention anytime you sit down to read or
And, finally, I have the right to be loved, petted, pampered, & entertained, for,
as you know, the best things in life . . . purr.
And, should you err in your ways, I will graciously forgive. After all, you are
only human, but I love you anyway.

The Cat

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Congratulations Al Gore!

Dear Members of The Pooses for Peace,

I am deeply honored to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. This award is even more meaningful because I have the honor of sharing it with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change--the world's pre-eminent scientific body devoted to improving our understanding of the climate crisis--a group whose members have worked tirelessly and selflessly for many years. We face a true planetary emergency. The climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity, and to all pooses. It is also our greatest opportunity to lift global consciousness to a higher level.

My wife, Tipper, and I will donate 100 percent of the proceeds of the award to the Alliance for Climate Protection, a bipartisan non-profit organization that is devoted to changing public opinion in the U.S. and around the world about the urgency of solving the climate crisis.

Thank you,

Al Gore

p.s. Please join us at the Casino Calamari for a very Green celebration this weekend... hosted by the Pooses for Peace. Crunchy Granola attire is requested.

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