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VICTORY...for now

Chris Dodd thanks the Pooses for Peace
Bite & Run Brigade

Sen. Dodd’s courageous FISA filibuster stand-off yesterday was a victory. Harry Reid pulled the Telecom immunity off the table.... for now.

Unconfirmed sources over heard that Harry Reid was terrified of the number of cats running through the Senate chambers during the filibuster nipping at ankles, knees and fingers. Diane Feinstien left the chambers with several runs and holes in her stockings.

Spokes-poose Zevo Calamari released a statement after the filibuster, "We intend to be persistent in protecting the basic civil rights of the citizens of the United States. Could someone please get me a shot of tequila to get this awful taste out of my mouth? Diane Feinstien was wearing cheap perfume..... bluuuuuuaaaakk...."

In his closing speech Dodd vowed to filibuster again in January if telecom amnesty is still part of the FISA legislation. He also promised to make the Pooses for Peace Bite and Run Brigade a part of the next filibuster.

We woudl like to thank all the pooses who volunteered for Bite and Run duty. For all the pet humans who called their Senators about this matter we thank you. We will keep you posted on this matter.

Viva la revolucion'
The Pooses for Peace


boo said...

my pet human tried calling feinstein's office all morning to tell her to line up with the progressives and support the filibuster. she was complaining that all she got was a busy signal. she should try biting feinstein! ugh!! make that 2 shots of tequilla, please!!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Getting through was hard. It's too bad there's so much left to fight over. I am very concerned about the FTC allowing the telecoms to consolidate.

The Meezers said...

Thank you for bringing this to our attenshun. We need shots of tequila too - senator flesh is pretty rank.