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My pet human is gone for a few more days. I decided to stay here in San Diego instead of visiting Zevo in Salem for is way too cold there. Of course she is begging me to come to the New Years Eve party at the Casino Calamari. I suppose i should since i am part owner.

I will have to talk Miss Lucy Fur into coming with me. She has a knack for stealing borrowing those poose sized miniature liquor samples they use on the plane. Poor Lucy is back on her meds. Her pet humans are getting.... a German Shepherd puppy soon. The nerve of them. (Of course Zevo does not know this but i heard a rumor her pet humans are also thinking about getting one.) Hope this is not an epidemic. My pet human knows better than to even think about such a thing.

Hmmm..........I wonder if Donatella will loan me a few outfits for the trip? I read that wearing Versace on New Years Eve brings good fortune for the new year.

Time to nap in the SoCal sun.........


zevo calamari said...

I hope that rumor of my pet humans getting a dog is an urban legend. It is bad enough she treats dogs all day.. but to bring one home is not acceptable.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I heard that it was a red Versace? At any rate, here are hopes that you really aren't getting a dog and that it's just a shepherd from Germany to help serve you.