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all we are saying ... give Earth a chance....,

The Pooses for Peace invite you to Turn Out your lights for one hour tomorrow night...
Earth Hour is 8:30pm -9:30pm
Think of all the fun you can have iin the dark...wooo hooooo

for more info visit


at the Golden Door Spa....

Ahhhhh....Sunshine at last!

We have all taken a much needed break from the toxic AIG Bite & Run and have checked into the Golden Door Spa of Escondido CA. Since i was born in Escondido i am a celebrity here!

We will be detoxing with tuna smoothies, chelation therapy, acupuncture, massages and of course organic tequial sunrises.

Miss Boo will be teaching Pooseananda Yoga and Miss Lucy Fur is now a Reiki Poose-master. Her services will be most needed for all of us. I intend to soak up some much needed sun and get as many massages as possible.

We left Nubi home to babysit that new kitty...whatever her name is. And he is also babysitting the pet human while she recovers from some form of western medicine torture she had to have.
Nubi is no fun to bring to a spa anyway.. this is girls week only.

Oh...gotta run. They just brought in my free range chicken platter with cat nip sprouts.

p.s. as you may know, our pet human works on an antique mac and is not always able to visit blogs that are filled with lots of pics and cool gadgets.....we now have a page on facebook (which makes life easier) If you would like to be a Pooses for Peace fan and upload your picture please visit us FaceBook Page


AIG Executives receive
BONUS Bite & Run Attack

Associated Press

AIG Executives who received huge bonuses not only had to worry about the Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous Bus Tours or the mobs of angry protesters this past week.

Today authorities have just confirmed that several of the executives of the greedy firm were ambushed by hundreds of cats in what is now known as a BONUS Bite & Run attack.

Hordes of cats wearing black leather jackets, some donning tiaras, one wearing what appeared to be Bono's glasses, another in a Jedi robe were seen running away from the scene. Screams, sneezes and gagging was heard through out the states of Connecticut and New York in the past hour. All those who were bit or suffering from allergy attacks were taken to an undisclosed hospital for the rich and greedy. There is no word on who was actually bit or their condition. Several executives have reported missing blackberries, iPhones and watches and are demanding that the tax payers buy them new ones.

Biohazard teams were sent in to clear up the odor of stench. Reports that the Poot & Run and the Poop & Run also left hefty bonuses for all during the ambush.

Authorities believe this is the work of the infamous Pooses for Peace and their legions of covert Bite & Run Brigades. No arrests have been made as it is rumored that Barack Obama requested the attack.

Zevo Calamari, spokes-poose for the cats and wearing what seemed to be Bono-like glasses issued a statement today"Cough, gag.. yuck... oh paaaaleeez....who was wearing the Old Spice? gag.. Give me a hit of that tequila. Ack.. greed has such a vile after taste....ack.......Many of the bites were bites to the bone... our idea of a real BONUS! ....Do these glasses make me look fat? ack..... "


zevo hallucinates poor head. that was some party... i am so glad i have these huge sunglasses to wear until i recover! hmmm.... i look soooo cool in these. Too bad they have to go on eBay later. I have to pay for those new Versace shoes somehow.

And that was some cat nip we had the other night... i am still hallucinating. There are way too many black cats here. I am seeing triple.

Hmmm... i know the big one is Nubi.....but wasn't that other little one supposed to go back? They did say we were just babysitting her............ i can't remember her name.....Green? Bleu? Pink? it was some color....but that was like... um ....hmm... a month ago? Why is she still here?

Oh my head.... ouch. It hurts to see. And that other black and white cat is just too scary. It hasn't moved for hours. Maybe this cat nip is making me paranoid.............

hmmmm.... i am soooo hungry...... any munchies around here? I bet those other cats ate all the good stuff.

Oh well la de da...i think i can wait a few more days before i sell these glasses and blackberry on eBay.




Associated Press
Salem MA

Salem police were called to quell the noise at the Casino Calamari last night. The Pooses for Peace held their annual St Patty's O'Poose Party. U2 and Bono were guests and played until police arrived at 3:00am.

Salem mayor Kimberly Driscoll and her signature black suit attempted to make a guest appearance at 7:00pm but was stopped at the door by bouncer Nubi wan Kenobi for not wearing green. Unconfirmed sources report that Driscoll screamed "Those wretched cats will be sorry for this!" before stormeing off. She lost a watch and earrings on the way out along with her iPhone and the official City of Salem blackberry.

Hung-over cats were seen all over Salem this morning. There was line of cats ordering Bloody Mary's at In a Pigs Eye and lines of cats at the Witch's Brew as well. Local merchants are thankful the cat have been boosting their business during this so called recession.

In other news, Bono has lost his sunglasses. He lost them the last time he played at Casino Calamari. Zevo Calamari issued a statement" We appreciate Bono and U2 playing such wonderful music last night. Thank you so much. What glasses?"


Party O'Pooses

Come join us at Hamburger O' Marys (located inside Casino O'Calamari's)
in Salem for a St Patty's Day party.
5:00 pm-?
wear green

Tickets are still available for this event.

Call 1-800-Boo-Zevo. Have your credit card ready!

May the Tuna dish rise up to meet you,
Zevo O' Calamari and the Pooses O'Peace

ps. we will be celebrating the good cat scan news that our pet human does not have evil aliens living inside her!


Associated Press

The St Patrick's Day parade was led this year by the O'Danny Boy Pipe Band playing "When Irish Pooses are Smiling." Followed by the controversial Pooses for Peace Float.

A Poose Pride Float was rejected by parade officials and pooses wearing rainbow shirts protested on the side lines. The Boston Catholic Diocese has rejected the Gay Pooses of America. Hordes of cats marched behind the float carrying banners and singing Hello Dolly.

Unconfirmed sources report that Ted Kennedy invited the celebrity cats and their friends to a celebration after the parade. It is no secret that Kennedy and the cats are good friends. Kennedy invited the cats to ride along with him and his dog Splash, in his limo to the St Patty's Party held at Casino Calamari in Salem MA. The River Dance Poose Dancers led by Boo, Miss Lucy Fur, Monkay and Nubi O'Kenobi will open for Bono and U2 later tonight.

The mayor of Salem has asked for Boston PD back up for tonight's celebrations. She sent a warning to all attending the party to wear cheap jewelry. She has not commented if she will attend the party.

Zevo O'Calamari has issued a statement to the Mayor:"Don't even think you will be allowed in with that black suit! Wear something green or be bit!" Oh..... pass me a hit off that flask will you dear? Do you think green makes me look fat?


Pooses for Peace Declare
Laugh at Limbaugh Week!

This just in The Situation Room

During Rush Limbaugh's radio show today, hundreds of cats wearing tiaras, black leather jackets, and one donning a Jedi robe and light saber rushed into the studio and laughed at him. Some laughed so hard they peed on the floor, others unfortunately did more than pee on the floor. Between the stench and the shrieking laughter. Limbaugh had to break to a commercial.

A biohazard team was brought in to clean up the odor and mess. Limbaugh was rushed to an undisclosed hospital. Unconfirmed sources are not sure if his tears were due to the odor, allergies or that his feelings were hurt by a bunch of pussy cats.

Authorities are not sure if this is the work of the infamous Pooses for Peace, known for Bite & Run attacks. This is the first Laugh & Run attack reported. Since there is no law making laughter a crime, no charges can or will be filed.

Zevo Calamari, spokes-poose for the Pooses for Peace issued a statement today. "We have had several requests for a Limbaugh Bite & Run. I shall not permit anyone to endanger themselves in such a manner. Mr Limbaugh is beyond toxic. He is not only filled with oxycontin, viagra and cigar fumes, but he is filled with hate. We do not want any of our covert operatives to risk taking in any of these lethal substances. Instead we have decided the best way to silence this hate monger is to laugh at him. And keep laughing. This man is a fat clown. Just laugh at him. This is much worse than any bite he could every receive!" and um .. could you please pass me a hit off that flask? Does this tiara make me look fat?

The Pooses for Peace have proclaimed this LAUGH AT LIMBAUGH WEEK.

ps we apologize for not visiting blogs lately. we have several excuses. ... please don't make the pet human list them. thanks!


Stoli is award medal of honor
by the Pooses for Peace

We interrupt our party for this announcement!

A member of the Pooses for Peace, Stoli...aka Poopalus of the infamous Poop & Run Brigade has been awarded a medal of honor by the Pooses for Peace. Stoli not only performs as a general in the Poop & Run Brigade when needed, but also does volunteer work for

Pets on Wheels is a not for profit volunteer 501c3 organization which provides friendly visits from volunteers and their pets to those requiring the support of an institutional setting.

Visits are most often to nursing homes; however, assisted living communities and facilities for the physically and mentally challenged are also recipients of our visits. Recently, veterans' hospitals, programs for the homeless, and children at risk of home out placement have also been added to our visits. Our emphasis is on residents who have been unresponsive to ongoing activities. Many of these patients have impaired cognitive abilities due to specific illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease, and react to animals with more awareness than to people around them. For instance, repetitive speech behavior or annoying mannerisms may cease while a patient is petting an animal.

Pets love unconditionally, even when a person is no longer attractive, even-tempered, or agile. Their warmth makes a difference to those they visit.

Thank you Stoli for your help!

Please note that we are taking some time off from blogging this week and hope to return soon.


Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

"Its fun to have fun but you have to know how."

we invite all cats to be extra bad today and have fun!!


You are invited....

The Pooses for Peace Invite all Dr Seuss Fans to a Seuss-a-palooza!
Come celebrate Dr Seuss's 105th Birthday on March 2, 2009 with cats around the world reading all of his books while eating green eggs and ham and cat in the hat food.