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Associated Press

The St Patrick's Day parade was led this year by the O'Danny Boy Pipe Band playing "When Irish Pooses are Smiling." Followed by the controversial Pooses for Peace Float.

A Poose Pride Float was rejected by parade officials and pooses wearing rainbow shirts protested on the side lines. The Boston Catholic Diocese has rejected the Gay Pooses of America. Hordes of cats marched behind the float carrying banners and singing Hello Dolly.

Unconfirmed sources report that Ted Kennedy invited the celebrity cats and their friends to a celebration after the parade. It is no secret that Kennedy and the cats are good friends. Kennedy invited the cats to ride along with him and his dog Splash, in his limo to the St Patty's Party held at Casino Calamari in Salem MA. The River Dance Poose Dancers led by Boo, Miss Lucy Fur, Monkay and Nubi O'Kenobi will open for Bono and U2 later tonight.

The mayor of Salem has asked for Boston PD back up for tonight's celebrations. She sent a warning to all attending the party to wear cheap jewelry. She has not commented if she will attend the party.

Zevo O'Calamari has issued a statement to the Mayor:"Don't even think you will be allowed in with that black suit! Wear something green or be bit!" Oh..... pass me a hit off that flask will you dear? Do you think green makes me look fat?


Boo said...

We cannot allow anyone in who wears black!!!!

And why would she tell people to wear cheap jewelry???

Miss Lucy Fur said...

That woman has GOT TO GO.

I'm bringing along Judd the Wonder Puppy. We'll need him for back up when things start to rumble. Plus, he's great for stuffing lots of jewelry into his big mouth and transporting it long distances without dropping it.

Kiss Kiss,

Miss Lucy O'Fur

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I have a shamrock on my head. Is that okay?