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Associated Press
Salzburg, Austria

Last night's final performance at the Salzburg Music Festival ended with a standing ovation, a chase scene and the song Edelweiss floating through the mountain air.

Authorities are baffled by the appearance of a group of singing cats, who called themselves The Von Trapp Poose Singers. They were dressed in costumes made from what appeared to be fabric from hotel drapes. Three were also wearing tiaras.

The cats sang Edelweiss as their last song. The audience sang along with tears in their eyes. After the third standing ovation the cats were no where to be found. Unconfirmed sources believe these cats are the infamous Pooses for Peace Bite and Run Brigade and are wanted by US Homeland Security.

The cats were seen fleeing over the mountains to a nearby convent on the border of Switzerland.

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zevo calamari said...

These nuns sure know how to party... great wine!

...these are a few of my faVOOOORite things

nibi wan kenobi said...

Holy cheese!yummmooo

Hot(M)BC said...

Did yoo get a recording of yore singin? We'd luf to hear it!
Good luck wif the nuns.

Nope, no sammich. Mom has super powers of resisting adorability. I need a new tactic.
~~ Pepi

Cheysuli said...

Oh I have been moved to tears! That was beautiful!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

The Meezers said...

while you're in switzerland, can you pick up some chocolate for our mommy?