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Thank you Kitty Limericks!

Wow! Were we all surprised and honored to to be featured on the the past few days. Our pet human has been under the weather and not helping us read other blogs all week. We are hoping she makes more time for blogging soon.

Thank you so much Ms. Karen Jo....
What a nice treat! You are now an honorary member of the Pooses for Peace and will have the protection of The Bite Patrol.

Here are the wonderful limericks by Miss Karen Jo

Nubi Wan Kenobi
Nubee Wan Kenobi is a Jedi kitty.
When he waves his light-saber, it's really pretty.
Get out of the way
When he enters the fray,
'Cause he leads the Bite and Run Committee.

Miss Boo
It is so much fun to party with Boo,
But wear cheap earrings whenever you do.
They may disappear,
Right off of your ear,
If you wear diamond earrings to party with Boo.

Zevo Calamari
Zevo Calamari has a lot of class.
She bit Karl Rove right on the -- ask
Karl Rove just where
The teeth laid him bare.
Then three kitties in black ran off through the grass.

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TT said...

Nice to meets yous all. I love the limericks Karen wrote abouts you alls. You lives not too fars from us in MA says Mommy Beans.

Cheysuli said...

We laughed and laughed at Zevo's limerick!

Karen Jo said...

I am glad the three of you like your limericks. I am so pleased to be made an honorary member of Pooses for Peace. Thank you for the link and for quoting your limericks.

michico*Adan said...

These are very sweet limericks for sure~!!!!