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Poose Alert...Save the Whales!

Pooses for Peace support the Pro-Life for all Whales and sea friends movement.
Please help our large friends by having your pet humans sign this petition.

"Endangered right whales should not have to die for military practice. Please help protect them."

James Taylor

The U.S. Navy wants to put a training range for lethal mid-frequency sonar next to a key migratory route for endangered right whales -- off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Click here and tell the Navy not to put its proposed sonar range next to the right whale's migratory route.


nubi wan kenobi said...

Calling all covert Bite Patrol Operatives!

zevo calamari said...

Don't these guys ever stop torturing animals?

Cheysuli said...

Alas, no Zevo... We've already heard from NRDC to help out...

Karen Jo said...

This is a good cause. I signed the petition. I really hope it does some good.