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Senator Lucy Fur Scolds Hillary and Obama

I am Senator Lucy Fur and i am asking.....No.... i am telling you both to knock it off. You will stop the name calling, the blame game, and the mud slinging. And you will both answer the questions directly without dancing around the real answer.

If this childish behavior continues during your campaign i will be forced to send in the Bite and Run Brigade.....and need i remind you what happened to Rummy, Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales when they met the brigade? You should both know you don't stand a chance to win against the Pooses for Peace favorite candidate Cheysuli

Now in the words of Loretta Castorini, "SNAP OUT OF IT!"

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1 comment:

Cheysuli said...

It is getting silly isn't it? Sigh. I think you might want to lay low where I am concerned though as you've been implicated in the reporter whapping plot...