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Calling from Dante's Inferno

Zevo..... please call me, but use the landline since the cell phones are not working here. My pet human will not let me outside. She said it is too dangerous.

Most of San Diego is burning down and the fire drives coyotes into the city. It looks like the end of the world. .....this is scary stuff.

I am so worried about all the animals who have not been evacuated. And i am really worried about all those poor pooses at the Wild Animal Park. Please have everyone send good thoughts and purrs to all in need.

Poor Lucy Fur and i were supposed to go shopping today..... i guess the malls are closed too. Maybe you can get us a red-eye flight to Salem for the weekend? We would rather be there with you celebrating Halloween than burning in hell.

Pray for rain. Pray for snow.

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zevo calamari said...

Boo... i have purchased you and Lucy Fur a red-eye out of San Diego for Thursday. Bring your costumes, witch hats and brooms. It is a absolutely insane here in Salem.. but at least it is not hell. (Tho, some preachers here keep telling us all we are going there if we celebrate Halloween!)
be safe,

Gemini said...

That's a scary thing down there. We have been watching about St. Clarita as we had property down there until just a year or so ago. The fires around San Diego are supposed to be real bad too!

Miss Lucy said...

I'm on that plane, darlings!

I've been helping out at the Red Cross shelters all day and my pet human told me NO when I wanted to bring home all the homeless animals.

I'm doing a rain dance to the new Bruc Springsteen CD as we speak.

Kiss, Kiss,

Lucy Fur

Henry Helton said...

Please be careful!

boo said...

oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! i will bring a bottle of the bubbly for us to share, too.