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It is mandatory that we all dress in costume for the next week since we live in Salem, MASS.

I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and purrs for all our friends in Southern California. Our pet humans are relieved that their families and loved ones are all safe... and that is all that matters right now.

We are sorry we have not been able to visit everyones' blogs. We were glued to the KPBS site waiting for news of the fires.

Boo and Lucy Fur are safe and flew in from San Diego last night and they are both here at the Casino Calamari for our Halloween Gala. Bubba is flying in from Florida this weekend and Tao and Sarge will also join us. The party starts tonight and ends on midnight November 1.

All pooses are invited. Costumes are mandatory!
bring your own nip

Zevo Calamari
aka Countess Von Poosula

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Anonymous said...

come to think of it...bubba has been acting alittle secretive lately.. THOUGHT he had something up his paw....
his human

Anonymous said...

I am sending purrs for your friends -- I'm so glad they are safe.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Cheysuli said...

I am glad that your friends and Luci and Boo are safe!

Christine and FAZ said...

We have been watching these terrible fires on the news and wishing everyone safe. FAZ