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Jimmy Choo taken Hostage

I am holding Zevo's Jimmy Choo shoes hostage until she is nice to me. Just because i cried at the end of That Darn Cat does not make me a baby. I have feelings too.

And so what if i have birds on my pjs? I will not even say what she wears as you could even call them pajamas.... NOT!

I demand an apology. Oh... and i want my own blog.

May the force be with you,
nubi wan kenobi, jedi poose


zevo calamari said...

Maybe Yoda will set up a blog for you.

Now GIVE me back my shoes....or else


Miss Lucy said...

Hey Nubi...Get a Life!

You, too, Zeves.

Lucy Fur

Boo said...

Nubi - It's not like you can't BUY a pair of Jimmy's. I mean, like, the REST of us buy our own.

princess calamari said...

If all of you do not knock it off i am calling Dr Phil up.

So....Nubi- give the shoes back NOW.

Lucy Fur, honey... did you forget to take your meds?

Boo... if and when Nubi wants to come OUT he will.

and nice to him. He really is just a baby.

princess calamari