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Ann Coulter Bit

has just been rushed to an undisclosed hospital for mysterious bites on the ankles and knees. Her signature little black dress has been shred to pieces and part of her head was shaved.

Authorities are not clear how the incident occured. The only witness was Rush Limbaugh who has claimed to see cats wearing robes and holding light sabers running from her office. Mr Limbaugh was later asked to urinate in a bottle by the police.

Ann Coulter is said to be in stable condition wearing a borrowed paisley sundress made in India with birkenstocks until another black dress is found.

We at Fox News are certain that our dear Ann was attacked by gay liberal cats. Stay tuned for Bill O'


nubi wan kenobi said...

Bit on the ankles was she?
Bled she did.
Not sorry am i.

May the Force be with you,

Nubi Wan Kenobi
Jedi Poose

boo said...

does anyone know a good poos dentist?

Cheysuli said...

Hmm... I hope I'm not implicated after turning her down for speaking at an engagement for me...

Poose Agent 007 said...

Repeat these words...what biting? Who got bit? Really? Wow...that is too bad.

poose agent 007