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Wysong Update

I am posting today for Zevo since she is still in NY with Elton John. There is a rumor that she stayed to help him find his missing glasses.

As her pet human i was very concerned about the rumors on the Wysong Food. I called the company and spoke to a very nice woman.

She said that Wysong has their own facility for all their products. HOWEVER, since they do not have a canning facility, they have Menu Foods can their canned products. She stated that Wysong provides the meat and ingredients for them. All their canned foods contain only meat and no wheat gluten. The products canned at Menu Foods are the Stew & Gravy and the Au Jus products.

She said they are not part of the re-call and that Wysong is rethinking about where to have their foods canned because of this incident.

With that info i am relieved that the majority of Wysong products are made in house. However until Wysong changes it's canning facility we will not be using any of their canned foods. I have switched to Solid Gold. Both Zevo and Nubi scarfed it up yesterday. (Before they left for NY!)

For more info on Wysong please visit their site

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boo said...

greetings from pet human doesn't feed me canned food. she'll give me human food, (which, for the most part, is disgusting to me), but not canned cat food. i love my dry food. i love the crunchy sound it makes....

but i must dash now....having lunch with elton and a few friends....

Lux said...

Thank you for finding out and posting this - my mom appreciates it!

Miss Lucy said...

What happened to good old fashioned lizards and mice? I have a ton of them in my yard and they are fun to play with as well.

Gotta go...time for my cardio.

Lucy Fur

Daisy said...

Oh, I used to eat Wysong, but not for a while, since I had to switch to prescription foods (on account of my bladder stones).

Cheysuli said...

Thank you so much for that information Jeanne! I noticed that they weren't on the list that we got on (we now have a page that links to that will and will post tomorrow).