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Dick Cheney Bit


Unconfirmed sources have reported that Dick Cheney was bit on the ankles and knees last night during his vacation in
Afghanistan. Cheney was staying at the Ritz Carlton Bomb Shelter in Kabul.

Secret Service are baffled how anyone could have entered the secured shelter. Local Afghans claimed to have seen three cats in black trench coats with sunglasses entering the shelter last night. CIA spokesperson said that the translation from Farsi to English must be incorrect and had the locals tested for hummus poisoning.

No suspects have been named. Terrorist Pooses are a possible suspect.

Mr. Cheney is in stable condition and had stitches. He was last seen eating a slab of buffalo. with freedom fries.

Poose-cam live from Kabul is brought to you by The Planet Calamari Shop


Boo said...

Zeevs, honey, have you seen my sunglasses? They're YSL, and I'd really hate to lose them...

zevo calamari said...

I have your black gloves too and Lucy Fur's black nikes.

Cheysuli said...

Hm... you guys ARE powerful. I'm glad you're routing for me...

zevo calamari said...

well chey.... you picked WHO should be bit! think of this as a small engagement gift.

you should see what we got you in paris!

Miss Lucy said...

I can't seem to find my black spandex bustier with the grenade pockets sewn in. Did you steal that, too, Boo?

Lucy Fur