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We Tried and Lost

Dear Papa Lion,

We tried to keep your legacy going. Unfortunately the people of Massachusetts have become complacent, greedy and have been listening to way too much rabid talk radio. We now have a Ken doll as our new senator. Perhaps some just took it for granted that a democrat would win... how could they lose in a secure blue state? The lesson- never take anything for granted.

We the Pooses for Peace promise to be the pooses for the people. Our Bite and Run brigades will once again return to Washington and remind those who have been elected that they were elected for the people. Look out Wall Street...if this administration does not take you on...we will.

Never underestimate the wrath of pack of angry cats.
Viva La Revolucion
The Pooses for Peace


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I shall join you--as soon as I get out of my depression and shame... sigh. Maybe if more dems actually worked FOR THE PEOPLE rather than as Rep lite they might have won more easily...

Daisy said...

My head is hanging in sadness at the outcome of this election.

The Meezers and Billy said...

we blame ourselfs. maybe next time we need to eat more broccoli or cabbage 'afore we run by the voting booths when the republicans vote - the poot and run brigade.