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Clooney Gives Miss Boo Pearls?


Celebrity feline, Miss Boo of the Pooses for Peace was seen wearing a new strand of pearls rumored to be a gift from George Clooney today. Last week Clooney invited the cats to be guests at his villa in Italy. 

No word yet if Clooney has actually committed to a wedding date with Miss Boo. Unconfirmed sources believe he postponed planning a wedding until his latest movie is completed later this year. Clooney is back on location today filming and the cats were seen leaving his villa via a solar powered limo.

Boo and her cohorts, Zevo Calamari and Miss Lucy Fur took a day to ski the Italian Alps before they leave for Versace headquaters in Milan tomorrow. The cats will be modeling Donatella Versace's spring line in the March issue of Vogue. The theme will be Live Fur... How to Wear It. 


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Miss Boo aren't you the lucky cat!

Derby said...

Lovely pearls Miss Boo.