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Detoxing at the Golden Door

We had such a lovely time on New Years Eve.. it is too bad none of us can remember much. I do remember drinking lots of blue moont-inis, blue jello shots and dancing on table tops. Everything else is a blurr.

At least this year Miss Lucy Fur did not go off her meds like 2007's gala! Click here if you don't remember!

Miss Lucy Fur's house was so much fun to trash too after the party at Mo's. We hope those dogs get blamed for the mess!

Miss Boo thought it would be a good idea for us to detox for a few days at our favorite spa The Golden Door in Escondido before we leave for Europe. A few days of massages, yoga and organic bloody marys should do the trick. We need to lose a few pounds quickly.

We have been invited to stay at George Clooney's Italian Villa, Miss Boo misses George and maybe this time he will commit to a wedding date. There is a rumor he is cheating on her. We will take care of that!

Johnny Depp has been begging us to visit him in France, we can only hope his ill tempered wife will not be there this time. So many invites so little time. It is snowing in Salem so there is no need to hurry back. Nubi and Luna diPoosalita are returning to Salem and they can take care of running the casino and other "businesses".

Oh,,,,,our free range chicken platters have arrived. Pass me the catnip salad please.
ciao ciao for now
kiss kiss


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I love spa detoxes and not the type my human insists on... sigh...where she's at home doing the same old same old but not eating certain things... sigh. I need a massage just thinking about it.

The Meezers and Billy said...

a massage sounds great! what a great party!!!!

Derby said...

Happy New Year.