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Pirate Cats Launch TV Network
Debuting Keith Olbermann...

Associated Press

Unconfirmed sources report the the domestic terrorist feline group known as the Pooses for Peace have just launched a pirate TV and radio broadcasting system called PFP, the Pooses for Peace Broadcast Network.

Authorities are uncertain where the origin of the signal could be. Some believe it is coming from Mexico. Others believe Cuba. One official believes it may be coming from the recently defected country known as wee Salem, once a part of the Commonwealth of MA and the city of Salem MA.

Rumors that Keith Olbermann is now preparing to launch his own TV show on the PFP network is circulating. Keith O is said to be friends with the celebrity cats and may be dating the infamous Zevo hussein Calamari.

At this time Keith O and the Pooses for Peace have not returned calls or made any comments. Residents of Salem MA have reported seeing Olbermann and Captain Jack Sparrow walking down Derby Street early today.

More wiki-leaks about the mysterious cat formerly known as Toi and then later leaked as Miss Mao, is really known as Smudge and is not French, despite her smoking habit and pencil skirt. Nor is she Chinese despite her Mao posters. Smudge is a native American shaman cat with healing abilities and magic powers. We can only hope that when Miss Boo returns from her hiding from the authorities, the two will be BFFs.


zevo hussein calamari said...

Fidel.. could you pass me more rum please? xoxoxo

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Can I have my own show?! I've always wanted to have my own show. I could be the lead in to Olbermann and maybe do the show when he's gone sometimes.

smudge said...

I met Keith in Paris once... He gave me his card and said he wanted to interview me, but life got complicated....

I keep hearing about this Boo... I want to meet her! If she decides to come back to this house, I'd share our pet human's bed with her -- and besides, she left her tiara.

Miss Lucy Fur said...

Tiara!!!?? That's MINE! Boo always denied the theft of my jewels, but I knew she was lying...

I'd like to do a cooking show on the new network..."1001 Ways with tuna Meatballs and Tequila" I think it will be a hit.

Keith told me he wanted to meet the Corgis so they are coming over before the royal Wedding for a little R&R. Things at the Palace are getting out of hand. Too many butlers and hand maidens.

Kiss Kiss,

Miss Lucy Fur

Anonymous said...

Shaman Cats that heal? What is the big deal- Keith Olberman is bug ugly and could use a vacation. He takes himself way too serious!
Networks, Radio broadcasts,wee Salem? this may explain why your street is never plowed!!!
Che Nikki

The Meezers or Billy said...

oh oh oh Can I have mine own show too?? - Miles