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Consulting the Oracle in Search of Miss Boo

It has been almost two weeks since anyone has seen Miss Boo. I have decided to do a tarot reading on her safety and whereabouts.

The cards seem promising. The Lovers card turned up which may portend a good union, perhaps a secret lover? Which would explain why she is hiding from the paparazzi. (but why us?) The Chariot card - means movement and travel. My guess is she is hiding somewhere in Europe or a tropical island with her secret lover. And the last card is the Sun which means the tropical island is most likely and that Boo and her lover are basking in the light of their new found love.

Or perhaps she is hiding with that stolen Van Gogh sunflower picture......So there is hope.

Please continue to pray and purr that Miss Boo returns home safely. Boo if you are reading this - take a moment and call, email, or tweet that you are OK. We love and miss you.

zevo and the pooses for peace


Cheysuli and gemini said...

We have been purring hard!

zevo hussein calamari said...

i am pretty sure that she has that van gogh painting and is basking in the sun on some unknown island with her new beau... wish she would just return the painting and come home.

Daisy said...

We are keeping Miss Boo in our thoughts and purrs!

Twotonevisuals said...

The R2D2 picture is awesome. I love your blog, its brilliant, Tim.

The Meezers or Billy said...

we are all purring very hard and we is all very werried

Miss Lucy Fur said...

Hello All,

Tomorrow night we're planning our second Purr Vigil at Urban Mo's in Hillcrest. You are all invited. I am hoping Miss Boo tweets her location soon so the Queen's Corgis and I can fly out to meet her.

The old 'hood just isn't the same without her. Besides, she never returned my tiara and I think she took my new fall leopard skin Choos with the platform heels with her and I need them! home NOW!!

Kiss Kiss,

Miss Lucy Fur