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Celebrity Cats Spotted On Tortuga Island

Associated Press
Costa Rica

Unconfirmed sources have reported seeing the celebrity cats known as the Pooses for Peace and Captain Jack Sparrow on Tortuga Island over the weekend. It is believed that the missing feline Miss Boo was seen dancing on the beach with Sparrow wearing a coconut bra, a sequined bikini bottom and an emerald tiara.

The cats and Sparrow are suspects in the latest commandeering of Salem's tall ship The Friendship. However in a mysterious turn of events over the weekend, the Friendship is now back at Derby Wharf unharmed. Authorities have no explaination on how the ship appeared with no passengers aboard.

As Halloween approaches, Salem's mayor Kim Driscoll is holding her breath waiting to hear if the cats will march in the Haunted Happenings Parade. Extra security and police have been requested for this years event.

In the past few years the cats have been accused of disturbing the peace at the event. Last year it is rumored that the Flying Spaghetti Monster appeared at the parade and touched Dricoll with his Noodley Appendage, thus causing her to crave pasta. (Later in the year she also sponsered a Spaghetti Dinner.) The celebrity cats are devotees of the flying deity. (Driscoll is not.)

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