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Associated Press
New York

New York authorities report that several paintings and artifacts from the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art are gone. The following have been confirmed as missing:

Young Woman with a Water Pitcher Johannes Vermeer

Cat stealing fish Giuseppe Recco

Cat artifact B.C.E.; Dynasty 12

There are no details on how the art was taken out of the Museum or when the theft happened. Security cameras were said to be shut off for days. New York Police Chief will give a press conference later today with more details.

In other New York news the festival of Zevomas is over. Hordes of cats, dogs, celebrities and a pair of bunny slippers have left the city. A spike in ham, turkey and tuna sales have been reported. Most liquor stores ran out of tequila yesterday.

Donald Trump's wig was seen hanging from the flag pole of Trump Towers early this morning. George Clooney's girlfriend filed a missing earring report and Paris Hilton has not yet found her sunglasses.


The Meezers said...

uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh someone stole my sunglasses that the nice blonde lady gave me. oh well, that's ok, i'll just have a shot of tequilla and go back to sleep.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

But I haven't lost anything... !

Karen Jo said...

I wonder what could have happened to the paintings. Donald's furpiece looks much better on the flagpole than it ever did on his head.

Lux said...

Haha ... I wonder who was behind all this mayhem!