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Associated Press
San Diego CA
Picture provided by zoolatry

Celebrity politicats Miss Lucy Fur, Miss Boo and Zevo Hussein Calamari were seen dancing on table tops at Hillcrest's famous party spot Mo's over the weekend. The cats all wearing tiaras were celebrating Miss Lucy Fur's return from her rehab stay long vacation. Miss Lucy Fur was wearing a stunning new tiara given to her by Boo and Zevo.

Other cats part of the infamous Bite & Run Brigade, The Poop and Run Brigade and the Miles & Sammy Meezer Whap and Run Brigade were also spotted dancing and drinking margaritas.

Unconfirmed sources report seeing Presidential Candidate Cheysuli. A few black cats were also seen enjoying the party, however there were too many to determine if unvited Jedi , Nubi Hussein wan Kenobi crashed the party. One cat wishing to remain anonymous said that one of the black cats was Bendrix, Mr Hendrix's evil twin.

The party went on until 2:00 am and the cats were kicked out left peacefully and took their party to Balboa Park. San Diego police reported seeing several hung over cats under trees this morning in the park but they were not arrested.


Anonymous said...

hard to see the dark cats are.

nubi hussein wan kenobi

Cheysuli and gemini said...

It was a huge success! I loved it!

The Meezers said...

it was a great party!