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Zevo's Birthday continues.......

This stunning gift from Zoey and Maggie and their pet human, Ann just arrived for Zevo. She will be so surprised when she opens this one! It is the perfect accessory to her Versace peridot gown that she is wearing tonight!

Thank you so much dear friends at Zoolatry .

We hope everyone is enjoying the Zevomas festivities.



Cheysuli and gemini said...

What a great bag. How remiss of me not to get you a present. Well, my human got a heated mat for under her desk to keep her cats... I mean feet warm when she gets cold. You can come borrow that. I do.

Lux said...

That is just a great graphic - I love it!

Tara said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Great Party!


The Cat Realm said...

Somehow we missed the birthday! Happy birthday Zevo!!!!!
Come over and celebrate with lots of friends at our blogoversary!
The Party is on, drop by anytime, we have "Lizards - ALL You Can Eat"! And lots of fun.

Karen Jo said...

Love the handbag. Happy Birthday, Zevo. I had great fun at the parade yesterday and party. I do hope that no paintings went missing.