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Tonight at Cinema Calamari

We will showing the movie The Secret tonight at Cinema Calamari.

It is not like pooses really need to watch it. We know how to manifest everything we want and need. However, it seems that in the cat blog-o-sphere, the rumor is that most of our pet humans are going through some sort of money crisis or worries about the lack of it.

Tonight we invite all pooses and their pet humans for this special viewing. There will be plenty of nip-tinis, ham and an unlimited abundance of the popcorn your humans want!'s a secret................

1 comment:

Cheysuli and gemini said...

As much as my human has watched it and is still having difficulties in certain areas, I think she needs a sublminal secret tape... (actually she found something online a bit like that and considering the energetic changes and emotional stuff that it brought up, she thinks it might work--but if you are interested, email us human to human offline--comments don't seem like an appropriate place to discuss)