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Happy Birthday Zevo!

What a wonderful day! We all had a great time at the Zevomas Central park Celebration yesterday. Thank you all for coming. I would like to thank Zoolatry for this wonderful graphic!

Today we have some wonderful news. Thanks to the bravery of the Framingham Police, Mom Laura is reunited with her cats Mu Shue, Lily Lu and Iris. More reason to celebrate! If you would like to help her out please see the post at the top of this blog for more details.

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Chey's pet human today!

The bio-degradable ticker tape parade will start at noon today. To keep it eco-friendly we will be riding in solar powered green limos. Miss Boo, Miss Lucy Fur, Nubi wan Kenobi and i will be on the Pooses for Peace float. We arranged for George Clooney to have a solar powered motorcycle especially for this parade. Johnny Depp will be on the Pirate Float along with Orlando Bloom and a few other cool pirates.

Jimmy Buffett will be riding on his very own eco-friendly Parrot Head Float. This parade is going to be the best New York has ever seen!

Barack Obama will also be riding in a solar powered car and has promised not to pick a fight with Cheysuli who will also have her own limo.

All those in the Bite Patrol Brigade are welcome to march or ride on any of the floats you like in the parade. Please wear your official Bite & Run black jackets. The Poop and Run brigade will the finale of the parade.

My birthday party will be held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art tonight at 7;00 pm. If you need formal attire Donna Versace is in room 300 at the Ritz and will dress you for the evening. Please bring your own tiaras and top hats!

Thanks again for making this Zevomas the best ever!
kiss kiss
ciao ciao
zevo hussein calamari


Zoolatry said...

Happy Birthday ZHC... Johnny Depp, did you say JOHNNY DEPP... my life, my love.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Zevo!


George Clooney

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my sweetest Zevo,

Johnny D

Cheysuli and gemini said...

My car is catnip powered...! Actually Obama doesn't fight with me. The difficult one is Hillary.

BTW to keep the post at the top: go in and edit it. There should be a button that says advanced or something at the bottom left (red link) and when you click that over on the right, you will see the date. If you change the date posted to April 20th or 21st that will keep it on the of the page until you finish the auction.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh and Happy Birthday!

The Meezers said...

The Whapping Brigade will be on the Jimmy Buffet float, to whap the parrots. - Whapping Brigade Captain Sammy Meezer

Since I found out that the parrot head float does not have a buffet, but the dude's name is Buffet, I will be marching in my Bite and Run Black Jacket with young Bill, to make shur that he doesn't kill anyone behind him with his smell. in the poop and run bridage. Pleaes pass the vicks vapo rub and tequila my way. Thank you. Miles Meezer

The Meezers said...

Happy Purrfday to you
Happy Purrfday to you
Happy Puffrday dear Zevo
Happy purrfday to you

Boo said...

Happy Birthday, my fun, fab partner in fur! This day is all about YOU! May you be purring for many years to come. Love 'ya!

The Furry Kids said...

Happy happy happy birthday!!

Daisy said...

Happy Birthday Zevo!!!

topcatrules said...

Happy birthday from the topcatrules girls in Australia - Tigger and Trixie and Pyewacket. :)

princess calamari said...

happy birthday dearest zevo
thank you for the happiest 15 years of my life!
your pet human

Anonymous said...


I just woke up in Jimmy Buffet's hotel room with a parrot head thing on my head. Where am I?? Where is my tiara?

I remember doing Mojitos, Margaritas and lobster shooters with the corgis. then it all went blank...

Happy Birthday dear Zeeves. i got you the best pair of earrings EVER for your birthday. George's girlfriend didn't look very good in them anyway.

Kiss Kiss,

Miss Lucy Fur

meemsnyc said...

Happy Birthday Zevo!