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Mardi Gras a Success

Associated Press
New Orleans

The infamous Pooses for Peace had several floats in this year's Mardi Gras parade. Cats wearing tiaras were seen throwing pink and purple beads to the crowds. On another float, Mike Huckabees exdog, Dude the Bird Dog danced with a drag queen dressed as Liza Minelli. Hundreds of Bite & Run Patrol members marched and danced beside each float wearing their trademark black leather jackets.

The celebrity cats held a Mardi Gras Ball with their dear friend Harry Connick Jr, Brandon Marsalis and Spike Lee. Other celebrities attended. President Obama sent his regards to the cats and wished them a good time.

Unlike last year, the cats were not on orange alert for a Washington DC Bite & Run. ( Mardi Gras of 2008, the cats left the festivities early so that they could monitor the FISA hearings in the Senate. Bite Patrol Brigades were on stand by and several Senators were bit the following day.)

This morning hundreds of hung-over pooses were found sleeping on the streets, on top of floats, cars and hotel awnings. Mayor Ray Nagin praised the cats for helping to bring revenue into the city the past week. His office released a statement this morning: " I would like to thank the Pooses for Peace and all their friends for making this year's Mardi Gras a success. As always, these cats are a delight to be around. I do not agree with comments made by Mayor Driscoll of Salem MA in the past about these dear cats. Perhaps the mayor of Salem could leave her black suit home, and visit Mardi Gras next year and take notes!"

Zevo Calamari spokes-poose for the cats issued a statement this morning as well. " Thank you all for making this event a success..... um ... anyone have some ginger ale and asprin? Could you turn the lights down please? OH my head....... oh no ... i need a garbage can......."

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Cheysuli and gemini said...

I think the governor of Louisiana could use a bite taken out of his ego or something...