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Pooses for Peace Yacht Spotted in DC

Associated Press
Washington DC

Unconfirmed sources have reported seeing a yacht commandeered by the infamous Pooses for Peace docked in the DC waters near Alexandria Virginia over the weekend. Rumors are flying that the feline celebrities have moved their headquarters from Salem MA to the DC to monitor upcoming elections and to keep close tabs on the dim-witted congress now in session.

DC Authorities and Homeland Security have been alerted. No one has spotted the cats since they left Salem over a month ago. It has been reported that Mayor Kim Driscoll and her ill fitting black suit threw a party at City Hall when hearing the cats had vacated Salem for good. The mayor's iPhone and watch have been missing since the event. However Salem police believe the goods were stolen by the carnies who worked the tacky Halloween carnival.

Spokes-poose Zevo hussein Calamari issued a statement from what appeared to be a cabin down below in a yacht: "Kim who? What iPhone? Does this watch make me look fat? Pass me the wine please. Oh and could someone get Bo Obama on this iphone for me? "


Boo said...

I'm SO glad we're not having to deal with those awful New England winters anymore. If my coat had gotten any thicker, it would have made me look FAT!!!!!!

Smudge said...

Wow! A Yacht!!! And it comes with an iPhone! I didn't really like that mean lady with the black suit up in Salem. This is MUCH cooler! I get to drink champagne with Cap'n Jack and the gang.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Ah cool. You are so much closer than I am to DC. Now if only there were a way to win an election.

Anonymous said...

Your much maligned mayor in Salem has discovered twitter. It is summer again in New England this week. Hope no one gets sea sick on the yacht!
Land Ho,
Che Nikki