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The Season of Zevomas Begins!

Today is March 14th and the very first day of Zevomas.

As you all may know, (or at least pretend you know!) Zevo hussein Calamari's 19th Birthday is April 14th. Years of tradition mandates that the entire month before her birthday, known as Zevomas begins. Inviting all Pooses for Peace members to join us in this celebration.

More details about party locations, events and special Bite & Run covert operations in honor of the Queen of Snark will be posted at the new Pooses for Peace secret headquarters in DC!

Zevo will be posted where she is registered soon!

Happy Zevomas! Let the tequila flow...

1 comment:

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh I cannot wait. You know this averages out as that is the Woman's birthday so something good and something defective happened that day...